Latino(a) Heritage Month Committee

Maria Lantigua
Sociology and Hispanic Studies, Class of 2012
Columbia Chair

I decided to join the Latino Heritage Month committee because I believe I could contribute
a different perspective to the group and learn about other views in the process. I had a vision
I wanted to work on for this year and felt like I could contribute to improving the quality of events.
I am very proud of being Latina and believe this is a great opportunity of showcasing our culture throughout
campus. This opportunity has allowed me to work with individuals from different backgrounds and organizations
thus allowing a great range of input to go into the planning process to make the 2011 Latino Heritage Month,
a wonderful and unforgettable one!

Interesting Fact: Hispanic Studies is my fun major and my classes assign books that I would read for pleasure,
so I get to enjoy my homework all the times!

Vanessa Trinidad
Barnard Chair
Barnard College 2012
Urban Studies Environmental Science Concentration

After an amazing and rewarding experience with Latino Heritage Month 2010, I decided to be on the
committee once again this year for the purpose of promoting Latino unity on campus and putting on yet
another grand month of events. Expressing the pride I have in my culture and inviting others to take part
in it is extremely important to me and there is no better way to do so than by being a part of this wonderful committee.

Interesting Fact: I love to write and secretly aspire to be the female version of Junot Diaz.


Lis Castro
Barnard College 2013
Political Science and Africana Studies
Political Co-Chair

I chose to run for the Political Co-Chair position because I am aware voting and following
the Presidential election are not highly prioritized by some students due to lack of time.
With this position, I want to provide one helpful event to serve as a resource where my peers
can receive crucial information about the current political happenings in the United States.

Interesting Fact: I am semi-fluent in French and comprehend basic Wolof. --

Nelson Castano
Economics and American History, Columbia College 2014
LHM 2011 Political Chair

I first learned about LHM during my freshman year when I attended the opening ceremony for LHM 2010. Upon
realizing that there is an organization that actually strives to further unite latino groups and celebrate
the culture of latin american countries, I became excited thinking about the possibilities and the further
growth that could come from this organization. Apart from the promise of unity, not just among latinos but among
the entire Columbia community, I was attracted to LHM by the idea of being able to impact the outside community through our initiatives
and examples.

I am Colombian, Spanish was my first language, exploring cultures was my first fascination, Gabriel Garcia Marquez was
my first guide to the world of inquiry, and learning is the goal.

Denise Abad
Columbia College 2013
Latino Studies/Political Science

Catherine Curtis
Urban Studies with Concentration in Sustainable Development 2013
LHM social chair
LHM allowed me to meet many great people from different groups on campus. The growth of involvement in LHM
and the Latino Columbia community is increasing and I want to continue promoting the Latino culture on campus.

Interesting Fact: I have never been out of the US. Hopefully I will travel outside of the US for spring break.

Amanda Lopez
History major, Class of 2013
Publicity Chair

I joined LHM this year because I felt that I could contribute something to the organization
and to the Latino community on campus. I like to put creativity in my work, and public relations
is a key way to unify different organizations and people. Proper preparation of events can only go so
far without proper presentation and advertisement, so I made it my goal to show the community the very
best of what we have to offer -- we are student leaders, we are beautiful and unique, and we are Latino.

Interesting fact: I used to be a fiend for Coca Cola, and now I can't get enough of Pepsi.

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