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The project will digitize 5 reels of microfilm containing letters written to Gouverneur Morris from many of his famous contemporaries including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, John Paul Jones, Nathaniel Greene, Philip Schuyler, Robert Morris, George Plater, William Short, William T. Franklin, and Thomas Pinckney. Letters from Gouverneur Morris to George Washington, John Jay, Lafayette, Philip Schuyler, Nathaniel Greene, and others. Personal correspondence from Madame Foucault, John Parish, and others. Manuscripts and documents relating to events in which Morris was a participant or interested party such as the Genet Affair and the "Lost Million" Affair; diplomatic correspondence with French ministers of foreign affairs, 1792-1794, and miscellaneous articles and reports by Morris, many on public finance and economics.

Project Plan Summary, 3/3/2010

  • Provide digitization & metadata specs to vendor: completed 4/7/2009

  • Vendor digitization; perform QC on returned files: completed 9/2009

  • Convert metadata into MODS

  • Organize metadata & images for ingest

  • Ingest into Fedora; perform QC

  • Create new finding aid (legacy finding aid here)

  • Develop finding aid-based display strategy for item-level metadata and scans using Fedora content

  • Determine need for separate database-type access (e.g., like Jay)



  5 Reels (ca. 1,379 documents; ca. 6,883 pages):

  • Reel 1: Items 1-303;
  • Reel 2: Items 304-606;
  • Reel 3: Items 607-839;
  • Reel 4: Items 840-1,004;
  • Reel 5: Items 1,005-1,371

NB: Page 1 of Reel 1 consists of inventory listing of all correspondence.


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