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The Libraries Digital Program Division was created in September 2002 to help shape current and future digital library projects into a coherent, Libraries-based digital program.  The new division creates a focal point for digital library planning and coordination as well as a higher level of support for the implementation of key technical infrastructure components needed for Columbia's evolving digital library.

The Division's key strategic task areas include:

  1. Collection-Based Digitization. Creating digital presentations and research tools based on Columbia's print and other traditional collections, when appropriate in collaboration with other institutions and collections. In this we work closely with the Libraries Preservation and Digital Conversion and Bibliographic Services and Collection Development groups.

  2. Long-Term Digital Preservation.   Working collaboratively with the Preservation Division and the Libraries Information Technology Office, LDPD is charged with developing systems, software and procedures for ensuring the long-term availability of digital content for which Columbia Libraries has responsibility;

  3. Libraries'Websites.  Providing technical, design, editorial, planning, training, and infrastructure support for the Libraries' web sites (LibraryWeb, StaffWeb (staff only), Behind the Scenes, Alumni/Friends Gateway), as well as Blog and Wiki (staff only) platforms.


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