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Mellon Audio Preservation Project (2008-2010)

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Preserving Historic Audio Content:  Developing Infrastructures and Practices for Digital Conversion

LDPD provided the technology component of a large-scale audio archiving project funded by the A.W. Mellon foundation.  The project, which ran from July 2008 to August 2010, engaged the Preservation Division in the challenging task of overseeing the digitization of over 1200 hours of aging oral history recordings from our Oral History Research Office archives.   LDPD worked with the outsource vendor to enable that firm to provide back to us preservation-quality digitized audio files wrapped in a standard metadata package (METS) that would allow easy management of the content and ingest into our Fedora-based asset management system / long-term digital repository.  

In this project we worked with highly complex content (both digitized tape masters and oral history interview series extracted from them) and unfamiliar metadata standards (the Audio Engineering Society's "Standard for audio preservation and restoration - Administrative and structural metadata for audio objects").   By the end of the project, we achieved a working set of joint vendor-institutional best practices that will enormously facilitate similar projects in the future, and had ingested approximately 10 TB of audio content into our repository.






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