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Specific Project Tracks

Applicable Documentation

 A. "Digital Project" Track.  For projects that

  1. typically involve a complete collection or a significant part of a collection
  2. involve more than ca. 150 simple images
  3. will be of significant research or curricular value
  4. will require and interface with more than simple browse functionality (e.g., specialized searching, browsable indexes)
  5. involve content with complex relationships, (e.g., multipage documents, an image of a puppet linked to information about plays, productions, character types, and specific actors).

(See section E below for audio-video preservation and access projects)

Digital Project Track

 B. "Brick & Mortar + Online Exhibition" Track.  For projects that

  1. will be a physical exhibition accompanied by a simultaneous online version; or it
  2. will be an online version of a past physical exhibition

Online Exhibition Track


 C. "Brick & Mortar Only" Track.  For projects that

  1. will make use of the Exhibition Support Software's features for organizing & planning the exhibition, generating pick lists, labels, etc.


 Brick & Mortar Only Exhibition Track


D. "Online (E-Only) Gallery" Track.  For projects that

  1. typically will involve 150 or fewer simple images
  2. is a sample or selection from one or more collections
  3. no complex searching or browsing is required
  4. involves chiefly objects that are simple, single part items **
  5. has an unexpected, near-term deadline for presenting the content on the Web
  6. will be adequately-served by Omeka software features and functionality

** Textual / manuscript works: If an otherwise gallery-oriented project also include one or more complete textual or manuscript works (e.g., the Korean Independence Outbreak Movement), the textual works should be digitized separately, presented in our ebook reader, and linked to from the exhibition display.

Online Gallery Track


E.  Audio-Video Digitization Project

CNI 4/13/2010 Presentation

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