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Transition from Luna Insight to ArtSTOR Hosted Collection

In early 2009 we began our transition from using Luna Insight for Columbia Image Bank to using ArtSTOR's new hosted collection service.  This entailed a significant amount of metadata remediation, but by July 2009 our collection was published to ArtSTOR's test server. We were fully in production on Sept. 1, 2009, and the changeover was announced to the campus.

The ArtSTOR collection consists of all content previously in the Luna Insight system, i.e., the Saskia and Visual Media Center images and QTVR content, amounting to approximately 66,368 items as of 9/1/2009.

The Luna Insight server was decommissioned at the beginning of January 2010.  The availability of Columbia's content on ARTstor integrated with other ARTstor resources will enormously increase our faculty and students' discovery of and access to art images.   See:


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