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Proposed Updates for Joseph Urban Project (2006)

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Proposed Statement of Work (draft)

  1.  Update the Urban processing (Access) database to include:
    1. newly available image content (both New York Series and other Series); see:

    2. revised caption information for some unidentified images; see:

  2. Export the original RBML Urban finding aid from its current system; see:

    (If it has not been substantively updated since 2002, this XML version should still be valid:

  3. Replace information in RBML finding aid data with updated data from Urban project, retaining unique information in the RBML finding aid such as series and subseries notes.

  4. Re-generate the Urban New York City Series web pages with new images, new captions and RBML notes; see:

  5. Rrepublish the RBML finding aid as EAD / XML / HTML with updated information from the Urban database and with (minimal) image links, including from non-New York Series.

  6. Make miscellaneous improvements & corrections; see:


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