The New York directory for 1786

(New York :  H.J. Sachs & Co.,  [1905])



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For Montgomery County.

Volkert Veeder,         James Livingfton,

Abram. Van. Home, Abraham Arndt,
John Frey,                 William Harper.

For Wafhington County.
Albert Baker,            Ichabod Parker,

Jofeph M'Cracken,  Peter B. Tierce.

Officers in Chancery, fudges, fuftices of the
Peace, and other civil officers.

The  Hon.   Robert  R.   Livingfton,  Efqr.

Chancellor of the ftate, 3, Broadway
John M'Keffon, Efq; Regifter, 49, M.lane
William Cock, Efqr.        Deputy-Regifter,
66, Wall-ftreet

Clerks in Chancery.

Brokholft Livingfton, 12, Wall-ftreet
Morgan Lewis, 59, Maiden-lane
John Lanfing and Jacob  Stephen Lufli,
Efqrs. in Albany

Mafters in Chancery.

Gilbert Livingfton, Paughkeepfie

Jeremiah Lanfing, Albany

John Broome, Efq. 6, Hanover-fquare.

Hon. John Jay, 8, Broad-ftreet

Ed. Dunfcomb, Efq. Exam. 82, Wat.ft
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