The New York directory for 1786

(New York :  H.J. Sachs & Co.,  [1905])



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"Judges in the Supreme Court.

The Hon. R. Morris Efq; chief Juftice,
corner Naffau and King ftreets.

The Hon. Robert Yates, Efq;

The Hon. John Slofs Hobart, Efq; 47,

Egbert Benfon, Efq; Attorney General,
Poughkeepfie, or at 22, Maiden-lane.

John M'Keffon, Efq; Clerk of the Supreme
Court, and Nifi Prifis, Oyer and Ter¬
miner, and General Gaol Delivery, 49,

Officers of the City and County of New-York.

The Hon. James Duane, Efq; Mayor, 26,

Richard Varick, Efq; Recorder,46,Dock-ft
Abraham P. Lott, Efq; Alderman,

Benjamin Blagge, Efq; do.
John Broome, Efq; do.
Wilham Neilfon, Efq; do.
Jeremiah Wool, Efq; do. 49, Broad-ftreet
WilHam W. Gilbert, Efq; do.
Nicholas Bayard, Efq; do.
Marinus Willett, Efq; Sheriff, 22, Beek. ft
Robert Benfon, Efq; Clerk, 22, Maiden-1.
Jeremiah Wool, Efq. Corner,
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