The New York directory for 1786

(New York :  H.J. Sachs & Co.,  [1905])



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Commiffioners of Forfeitures.

Ifaac Stoutenburgh, and P. Van Cortlandt,

Efquires, for the fouthern diftridl.
Daniel Graham, Efq; for the middle diftr:
Henry Oothoudt, Jeremiah Van Renffe-

lear,   and   Criftopher  Yates,   Efquires,

for the weftern diftridl.
Alexander Webfter, Efq; for the eaftern

John Lamb, Colledlor.
John Lafher, Surveyor and Searcher.
Daniel  Fergufon, Land   &  Tide-waiter,

29, Duke-ftreet.
John Stevens, do.      ,    Maiden-lane.
Henry Becker, do.      , Crown-ftreet.
Henry Devour, do.      , Golden-hill.

---------- Terjiay, do. Golden-hill.

William Strachan, do. Greenwich-ftreet.
William Huftin, do. Gold ftreet

---------- Scudder, do. Gold-ftreet

------— Waterman, do. Cliff-ftreet

John Banks, do. George-ftreet.

Stockholm, do. Cherry-ftreet.

Lawyers,   Attornies,   and  Notary-Publics,

John Lawrence, Efqr. 13, Wall-ftreet
John D. Crimfliier, Efq. attorney and no¬
tary-public, 17, King-ftreet
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