The New York directory for 1786

(New York :  H.J. Sachs & Co.,  [1905])



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(   89   )

Jacob Morton, Efq. 215, Water-ftreet
E.   Dunfcomb,   Efq.   notary-public,   i82>

Dehart and Randall, 26, Water-ftreet
Edward Antill, efq. Broadway
Richard Borner, Efq.    , St. James-ftreet
Cornelius Bogart, efq. 22, Beekman-ftreet
Wm.  Popham, efq. notary-public,  K. ft.
Meffrs. Campbell and Cutting, efqrs.      ,

Jofliua Bagrey, efq.

John Woods,  efq.  conveyancer  and  no¬
tary-public, 135, Queen-ftreet
John H. Woodall, notary-public
Edward Livingfton, efq. 51, Queen-ftreet
----------Pell, efq. Westftchefter

Lift of the Officers of the Grand-Lodge of
Free and Accepted Mafons, of the State of

The Hon. Robert R. Livingfton, Efquire,
Grand Mafter for the State of New-York.
William Cock, Efq; paft grand master,
Samuel Kerr Efq; deputy grand mafter.
The Hon.  Peter W.  Yates,  Efq;  fenior

grand warden,
James Saidler, Efq; junior grand warden,
Daniel M^Cormick, Efq; grand treafurer,.
James Giles, Efq; grand fecretary.
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