Stokes, I. N. Phelps The iconography of Manhattan Island 1498-1909 (v. 3)

(New York :  Robert H. Dodd,  1915-1928.)



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the landmark map reference key


State Prison.                                                   636-1

Site: Bounded by Washington and Christopher
Sts. and a line parallel to and S. of Perry St. and
North River. Begun I7g6 (M. C. C, MS., XII;
5); opened for prisoners 1797 (TV. Y. Jour, y
Patriotic Register, Dec. 2, 1797); sold back to the
City 1826 (M.C CMS., LVII: 152-4); prisoners
removed to Sing Sing 1829 (Eddy's Account of
the State Prison, i6-3o); lots but not bldgs. sold
at auction 1829 (Eve. Post, Apl. 2^, 1829); later
Nash & Beadleson's brewery.—71/dn. Com. Coun.,
1853, p. 461. Shown on Pis. 70, 71, Vol. I;
Poppleton's Plan (1817) in Man. Com. Coun.,
i8ss, p. 298; Goodrich's Map (1828}; and in Man.
Com. Coun., 1853, p. 460; plan and elevation by
Joseph Mangin, Schuyler Coll., N. Y, Pub. Library,

Tombs, The (City Prison—"Halls of Justice").
Site: Block bounded by Leonard, Franklin,
Lafayette and Centre Sts. Begun on the site
of the Corporation Yard 1836; completed 1839
(Dlsturnell's N. Y. As It Is, 1839, 24-7); de¬
molished 1897 (TV. T._ Tribune, May 25, 1897);
present Tombs or City Prison begun on site;
completed 1902.—Ibid., Sept. 28, 1903. Old
Tombs shown in Barber's Hist. Collections of tlie
State of N. Y., 187; Man. Com. Coun., 1868,
p. 244; new Tombs shown, eng. by Edwin D.
French,   Soc.  of Iconophiles,  Series   i.  No.  8.

Watch-house.                                                    23-3

Site: "In Broad St., before the City Hall."
Erected 1731.—M. C. C, IV: 57, 76-7. Pis. 32,
34, Vol. I.

Watch-house.                                                    26-3

Site: I Broad St. Begun 1793; finished 1794
(A/. C. C, MS., XI: 25, 4S, 102); demolished
1816 (Liber Deeds, CCLXXIV; 214); Drexel Bldg.
erected on this site; demolished 1913; J. P. Mor¬
gan & Co. erected banking house covering site
1913-15 (architects, Trowbridge & Livingston),

Watch-house.                                                  281-1

Site: Chatham Sq, and Catharine St. Erected
1796 (Goodrich's Picture of N. Y., 78); sold by
the city 1827.—Ibid., 135.

Whipping-post.                                                 122-5

Site; In the Bridewell Yard, City Hall Park.
Built i8og.—71/, C. C. (MS.), XX: n.


Almshouse in the Park (first); called also the
House of Correction, Work-house, and Poor-
house.                                                      122-7
Site: In City Hall Park. Begun 1735 (A^- G. C,
IV: 251); completed 1736 (ibid., IV: 305, 307-11);
demolished i7g7.—Af. C. C. (MS.), XII: 181, 211;
see also 15th Ann. Rep., Am. Seen, and Hist. Pres.
Soc, 388. Shown on "A Plan of the Ground
contiguous to the Poor House," 1774, in Bancker
Collection, N, Y. Pub. Library; also on Pis. 40, 41,
42, Voi. I; and in Wilson's Mem. Hist, of the City
of N. Y., H: 219.    City Hall now covers the site.

Almshouse in the Park (second).                    122-1

Site: N. side City Hall Park. Authorised 179S
(Laws of N. Y., 179S. Chap. 12); begun 1795
(Daily Advertiser, Nov. 2, i79S; M. C. C, MS.,
XI: 379); completed 1796 {M. C. C, MS., XII:
155; see also 15th Ann. Rep., Am. Seen, and Hist.
Pres. Soc, 395); poor removed to Bellevue 1816

(Blunt's Strangers' Guide, 1817, p. 93); devoted to
the uses of the Academy of Arts, the Literary and
Phil. Soc, the N. Y. Hist. Soc. the N. Y. Society
Library, and John Scudder's Cabinet of Natural
History, 1815 (M. C. C, MS., XXIX: 271-9, 392);
devoted to court-rooms and offices and known as
"New City HaU" 1849 (Pro. Bds. Aid. and Assts.,
XVII; 6, 207, 458); destroyed by fire 1854.—
Pro. Bds._ Aid. and Councilmen, XXII: 13-4, 35,
354. This structure erected on the site of the
Upper Barracks; site now covered by N. Y.
County Court House (q. v.). Shown on Pis. 70,
VoL I; 95-b, Vol. Ill; orig. drawing by A, J.
Davis, in possession of N. Y. Hist, Soc.

Appellate Division, N. Y. Supreme Court. 855-3
Site: N. E. cor. Madison Ave. and 35th St.
Erected 1900; James Brown Lord, architect.
Shown in Am. Architect (1900), Vol. LXVIII,
Nos. 1271, 1272, 137^; Vol. LXIX, No. 1281;
ibid. (1901), Vol. LXXI, No. 1313; Architectural
Rec (1900), IX: 430-439.    See PL 168, Vol. III.

Barge Office, The (U. S. Revenue Office—The
Surveyor's Office).                                 3-9

Site: S. E. cor. Battery Park. Prior to 1830.
■—Hasv/ell's Reminiscences, 41; cf. Colton's Topog.
Map (1836). Shown in Man. Com. Coun., 1870,
p. 198; Am. Architect (1879), V; 159. Replaced
with granite struj:ture 1880; new Barge Office

eluding Weather Bureau and Signal Service 191
Rider's 7V. Y. City and Vicinity (1916), 130; Ki


How to See N. Y.    Shown on Pl. 173, Vol. III.

Board of Education Building.                      473-S

Site: N. W. cor. Grand and Elm Sts. Shown in
Man. Com. Coun., 1863, p. 236.

Board of Education, Hall of.                      1294-1

Site: S. W. cor. Park Ave. and sgth St. Shown
in Am. Architect (1900), Vol. LXVIII, No, 1278.

City Court House.                                        122-18

Site: In City Hall Pack, 32 Chambers St. Begun
1851 (Pre Bds._ Aid. and Assts., XIX: 240-1);
completed 1853 (inscription on bldg.); storey added
1904.—i5tk Ann. Rep., Am. Seen, and Hist. Pres.
Soc, 398.    See PL 155-a, Vol. III.

City Hall (first).                                               29-1

Site: 71-73 Peari St. Erected as Stadt Herbergh
(Public Inn) 1642 (Jameson's JVar. TV. Neth., 312);
became Stadt Huys (City Hall) 1653 (Rec N.
Am., 1:49, 65, 219, 361); sold 1699 (71/. C. C,
II: 78, 81-3); demolished 1700.—Liber City Grants,
A: 3S4, 387, Compt. Office. Shown on Pis. 10,
lo-a, 17, 20-b, 33-.1, 23-a, Vol. I.

City Hall (second).                                          43-3

Site: Cor. Wall and Nassau Sts. See Bancker sur¬
vey (1774), i" box R-W, folder V-W, MSS. Divi¬
sion, N. Y. Pub. Library. Begun 1699 (M. C. C, II;
77-79) 86, 97); occupied Oct. 1703 (ibid., II: 340);
finished c May, 1704 (summary in Chronology,
Oct. 16, 1699); new cupola 1738 (ibid., IV:433);
storey added 1763 (ibid., VI:33i); called "State
House" 1785 (Chronology); remodelled as Federal
Hall 1788-9 (71/. C. C, MS., IX; 125, 136, 288,
321, 363, 379); State Capitol 1790-7; demolishetl
1812 (7V. Y. Eve Post, Mch. 31, 1813). Eastburn
& Kirk erected store 1813^14; property sold to
U. S. Government for Custom House Dec. 2,
1816. Demohshed and construction of new Cus¬
tom House on site begun 1834 (gth Ann. Rep.,
Am. Seen, and Hist. Pres. Soc, 58); completed
1842 (Diary of Philip Hone, II: 138); cf. Commer¬
cial Advertiser, July 13, 1843. John Frazee, archi¬
tect.    Custom House remodelled for present Sub-
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