Rawlinson, H. G. Intercourse between India and the western world from the earliest times to the fall of Rome

(Cambridge :  University Press,  1916.)



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The Maurya Efnpire.   Megasthenes    65

p. 271), transfers the d to the latter clause, reading dlxv for
ccLXV. He then translates as follows. " From Rhodopha to
Kallinapaxa 167 miles. Total from the Hesidrus to Kallina¬
paxa 565 miles." This is ingenious if bold, for the total figures
from the Hesidrus to Kallinapaxa (168 + 112 + 119 + 167) do
add up to 566 miles—^practically the exact figure.

He next goes on to say that to Prayaga is 625 miles (many
add 13). He must mean from the Jamna to Prayaga, of
course, and not from Kallinapaxa.

His two last statements are absolutely wide of the mark.
He says it is 425 miles to Palibothra and 638 miles to the mouth
of the Ganges. The distances are in reality 248 and 445 miles
respectively. The latter part of the road had not been travel¬
led by Megasthenes, who puts it at 500-600 miles. In the
absence of definite information, the Greeks always exaggerated
the size of India.



1.     The Pygmies. Called Pygmies by Ktesias, TpLcnrd6i[j.oi
by Megasthenes. The legend arose from the small, dwarf-like
Mongolians of Nepal and Bhotan, called Kirrhadii by the
Periplus and Ptolemy and Kirata in Sanskrit. The Pygmies
of Homer are Ethiopian, but Ethiopia and India were supposed
to be connected. Referring to the fights between Cranes and
Pygmies, Lassen recalls the term Kirdtdsin (devourer of Kirata)
applied to Garuda, the vulture of Vishnu.

2.     'A|xvKTT]p€s. The noseless men, described by Mega¬
sthenes as eating carrion and dying young. Again we have
the snub-nosed Mongolian.    Ha/A^ayos is Skt. sarva-bhaksha.

3.    'EvwTOKoirai. Men who sleep on their ears^. A literal
translation of the Skt. karnaprdvarana. The Indians had many

1 The legend is as old as Skylax, who also told the story
of the one-eyed men, and many of the other legends here
enumerated.    Skylax called them 'CItokXivol.    For the whole

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