Bīrūnī, Muḥammad ibn Aḥmad, Alberuni's India (v. 2)

(London :  Kegan Paul, Trench, Trübner & Co.,  1910.)



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CHAPTER XLIX.                             13

found that on the same day when Kanik had thrust
his spear into the earth, both the hands and feet had
fallen off the body of the rdi.

The last king of this race was Lagaturmdn, and his End of the
Vazir was Kallar, a Brahman.    The latter had been for- nastyrand'
tunate, in so far as he had found by accident hidden B?fhm°an*^''
treasures, which gave him much influence and power, ^y"'^®*^^-
In consequence, the last king of this Tibetan house,
after it had held the royal power for so long a period,
let it by degrees slip from his hands.    Besides, Laga-
turman had bad manners and a worse behaviour, on
account of which people complained of- him greatly
to the Vazir.    Now the Vazir put him in chains and
imprisoned him for correction, but then he himself
found ruling sweet, his riches enabled him to carry out
his plans, and so he occupied the royal throne.    After
him  ruled  the   Brahman   kings   Samand   (Samanta),
Kamalu, Bhim  (Bhima),  Jaipal (Jayapala),  Ananda-
pala,   Tarojanapala   (Trilocanapala).    The   latter   was
killed A.H. 412 (a.d. 102 i), and his son Bhimapala five
years later (a.d. 1026).

This Hindu Shahiya dynasty is now extinct, and of
the whole house there is no longer the slightest rem¬
nant in existence. We must say that, in all their
grandeur, they never slackened in the ardent desire of
doing that which is good and right, that they were men
of noble sentiment and noble bearing. I admire the
following passage in a letter of Anandapala, which he
wrote to the prince Mahmud, when the relations be¬
tween them were already strained to the utmost: " I
have learned that the Turks have rebelled against you
and are spreading in Khurasan. If you wish, I shall
come to you with 5000 horsemen, 10,000 foot-soldiers,
and 100 elephants, or, if you wish, I shall send you
my son with double the number. In acting thus, I
do not speculate on the impression which this will
make on you.    I have been conquered by  you, and
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