Bīrūnī, Muḥammad ibn Aḥmad, Alberuni's India (v. 2)

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CHAPTER LVII.                             95

V. 13.—As one moment's thinking of Suhail before
the door of a man blots out his sins deserving of punish- Page 249.
ment, how much more effective will be the fluency of
the tongue praising him, when the task is to do away
with sin and to acquire heavenly reward ! The former
Rishis have mentioned what sacrifice is necessary when
Suhail rises. I shall make a present to the kings by
relating it, and shall make this relation a sacrifice unto
Him.    So I say :

V. 14.—His rising takes place at the moment when
some of the light of the sun appears from the east, and
the darkness of night is gathered in the west. The
beginning of his appearance is difficult to perceive, and
not every one who looks at him understands it. There¬
fore ask the astronomer at that moment about the direc¬
tion whence it rises.

V. 15, 16.—Towards this direction offer the sacrifice
called ctrghct, and spread on the earth what you hap¬
pen to have, roses and fragrant flowers as they grow
in the country. Put on them what you think fit,
gold, garments, jewels of the sea, and offer incense,
saffron, and sandalwood, musk and camphor, together
with an ox and a cow, and many dishes and sweet¬

V. 17.—Know that he who does this during seven
consecutive years with pious intention, strong belief,
and confidence, possesses at the end of them the whole
earth and the ocean which surrounds it on the four
sides, if he is a Kshatriya.

V. 18.—If he is a Brahman, he obtains his wishes,
learns the Veda, obtains a beautiful wife, and gets
noble children from her. If he is a Vaisya, he obtains
much landed property and acquires a glorious lordship.
If he is a Sudra, he will obtain wealth. All of them
obtain health and safety, the cessation of injuries, and
the realisation of reward."

This   is   Varahamihira's   statement   regarding   the
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