Bīrūnī, Muḥammad ibn Aḥmad, Alberuni's India (v. 2)

(London :  Kegan Paul, Trench, Trübner & Co.,  1910.)



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ANNOTATIONS.                               401

P. 208.—On the lirahmin Bhatiilct, cf. note to i. 157.
The names of the yogas which he mentions are not known
to me from other sources. The names ega,nddntet, kdla-
daneia, and vaidhrita are certain, and barh is probably

P. 209.—On Sripala, cf. note to i. 164.

P. 210.—With the names of this table cf. Sitrya-Sid-
elhttnta, ii. 65, note (also p. 432). The j^^. of the Arabic
seems to be a mistake for *^1^, vishkanibhet; No. 15, SjS^,

a mistake for j)j^^ gancla.

Instead of dyushmctnt (name of the third yoga), the
Arabic has fSi\j (retjakamet ?); instead of vyectipcttct it has
cuUa.<' (sjatipetta.?).

P. 211.—The contents of this astrological chapter are
principally taken from the Laghujdtetkam (i.e. the smaller
book of nativit}^) by Varahamihira, of which the chapters
i. ii. have been translated by A. Weber (Indische Studien,
2, 277 seeq.), whilst the remainder has been translated by
H. Jacobi (De Astrologies Inelicce hora ctqipellatce origini-
hits. Accedunt Laghujdtetki cetpitet ineditct iii.-xii., Bonn,
1872). Alberuni does not always adhere to the order of
the paragraphs which we have in the Sanskrit text, and
for certain parts he seems to have drawn from some com¬

The exact meaning of the term seconds of the stars (the

same page, 11. 23, 24), ^^oj-*.'!  ^■^'j^j is not known to me.

Pp. 213-215 .■—The tctble ofqilanets is taken from chapters
ii. iii. iv. of the Laghujdtakam.

For the reading of the terms naisctrgikct, vimisra, and
shaeldya (p. 215), I am indebted to Prof. H. Jacobi, Kiel.

The number 25, ^^ in the column with the heading The
scale of their magnitude, seems to be a mistake for 3, '^■

Pp. 217-219.—This table of the zodiacal signs has been
taken from Lagltujdttetkam, chap. i.

Pp. 221, 222.—This table of the"Houses has been taken
from Lcteghujdtedictm, chap. i. 15.

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