Shackle, C. Umrāʻo Jān Adā a glossary (v. 1)

([London :  SOAS,  1970?])



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t 1^ '^


■pBhBT   ^exh p©hsr -rat gse        (5»0O««10*30)

TBkna.                                 heart to palpitate (f^"om alarm]

sath                                                Gospaiy; -,

©xt ldis^« ka ii^aigya                   ""■-   -•\l'..'.v                '    hora,  i»e»s   the


l'„t*    Uii.CZ'^-lfili'^ ^•T-M>.ce''   w  X   h...d   *;Qt  h

oiY E\y backj              '-ilren hia oit

»an gwman                                       no tion.,  the  l.;:r--ji  idea

af^-t                                                troubl©

saima                                              confrontation^ sseting vrith

meri  jan na chofe^n-sse                  i»@** -will not leave Me alona

Jan p^r nasyl ho gae                  *oaiaa do^smi upon ^/ life%  i*@, t'ume-d up

(in aost imwel-oome fasaxon^
r^van©^                                         setting outj  clepai-ture


sslah \h&h&rfm.                             plan to b« deoicisd on

tfxn&                                             to .arive

dakhna (ko)                                   to aee tol

phyr yyh |hahri                            ^tlien this (othar i>leXi) wj,b d.ecided*

rato.q-^ra.t                                       during the nighty midar cover of darMesj

gan^a ws par wtsr os>lo              *cros                     -". "

(ke) b9s ®@q hona                       I--.;

#ar-o-"iiaoar                                   ?rj.lIy»-ni;Uy'^               r I wanted to or notj

•dthout haviTi - _- -,; choice in th©'ar

kynare Ie jana                             to tak® asid®

SMsin ka oelim                             * riding over ryugh ground^

b^id band i^a-^ Jana                      *%s,Qh Joint to break^ m to feel pain in

e¥ary Jointj, ha utterly exhausted

^mdoatoiq                                         for ages

ju^ ti-ii| ksr k®                             somehow' or other, with gre-at d±fficuXty


to look for (ard find),  track dowii

rf                                                fear*   ^soia^thinf: t-i  oa afraid of*

la|;hi mah&l                                   (name of distrio"     .   :>.npur - or of inn)

|;h0hraaa                                        to daolda on^  fix up

^oli                                                palajaq-uin

>9r k»ttm                           to hir®

briok-built (s2 Dslka)
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