Alumni catalogue of the Union Theological Seminary in the City of New York 1836-1936.

(New York :  [The Seminary?],  1937.)



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A list of all students previously graduated from the Seminary was included
in the Annual Catalogues from 1841-42 to 1848^9. As the number of names
increased a series of Triennial Catalogues appeared in 1850, 1853, 1856, 1859
and 1865, containing lists of officers and members of the Board of Directors
and of the Faculty and teaching staff', and members of each graduating class
from the beginning. Brief biographical records of each aluninus were first
given In the Triennial Catalogue of 1865, which was followed by a General
Catalogue in 1876, both compiled by the Rev. Edwin Francis Hatfield, D.D.,
for many years stated clerk of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian
Church, who was Recorder of the Board of Directors of the Seminary
from 1864 to 1874. The same plan was followed In later editions of the
catalogue, which appeared in 1886, 1898, 1908, 1918 and 1926. Records of all
members of the Faculty and teaching staff were included for the first tifne
In the edition of 1918. All five editions from 1886 to 1926 were compiled
by the Rev. Charles R. Gillett, D.D., L.H.D., Alumni Secretary, who has
cooperated also in the preparation of the Centennial Edition, which has had
the benefit of his editorial experience of more than fifty years and his per¬
sonal acquaintance with successive generations of students and alumni.


The Alumni Catalogue contains brief records of all former students of
the Seminary who completed at least one full year of study, whether
graduated or not. Alumni are listed under the year of graduation of the
class with which they were associated; If as students they were graduates
in theology they are listed under the year In which they received a degree
or completed a year of study.

Under each year the names are arranged in two alphabetical lists. The
first contains the names of those graduated with diploma or certificate or a
degree conferred by the Seminary, or who completed a full course of study
for three years. The second list Includes those who completed at least one
year of study but did not receive a Seminary degree. In the second list
are to be found the names of those who were granted the degree of M.A.
by Columbia University upon recommendation of the Faculty of the Semi¬
nary, and also of those who worked for the degrees of Ph.D. and Ed.D.
under the agreement between the University and the Seminary,

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