Bernier, François, Travels in the Mogul Empire A.D. 1656-1668

(Westminster, Eng. :  Constable,  1891.)



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[1866.] 2 vols.



Delhi 1872.

It shews at once the Native Spirit of the Country and the manner in
which their revolutions are accomplished ; while the mighty and sudden
effects that are produced—changeable or lasting—shew at once that
overruling power which directs and disposes the wills and affections of
men ! by results as unexpected as they were undesigned. While at the
same time it exhibits the powerful contrast of European and Christian
clemency in the present rule of England, throughout—her immense
possessions, and almost boundless Empire in the same Land ; on the
one hand Fire and .Sword, Blood and Carnage, Desolation and Havoc,
Robbery and Destruction mark the path of the Native conqueror in
every way ; while on the other hand Peace and Plenty—Forbearance
and Security unite the Olive Branch with the Laurel to crown the
Christian Victories and make them the means of dispensing every
advantage to soothe, to comfort and reward Native sufferings. The
native victories succeed but to destroy—the English conqueror only to
preserve and improve—the Native and the Christian therefore are
alike interested in every event recorded in this History (of the MOGAL
revolution) both in its cause and effect—and the influence it has
produced on the character and Country at large : that character and
Country which is being enlightened with all that the Native can receive,
or the European bestow in whatever is useful, or attainable in the
present state of human intellect.

Eleven Years of continued solicitude have been employed in search¬
ing for the Copy of a work now obtained and at last by accident;—a
I^erseverance only stimulated by the known judgement of that en¬
lightened friend who first named and of another who lately recom¬
mended it—the conviction of its importance, the pleasure of making
its possession general—and the Hope that it would meet with that en¬
couragement which it deserves ! It is then presumed, that those laud¬
able intentions are not over-rated in fixing the price of the volume at
15 Rupees for Subscribers only; and 20 for non .Subscribers, on or
after the 15th February next, on which day it is intended that the work
shall appear well printed in a large Type, on fine paper and occupying
about 300 pages 8vo neatly half bound and Lettered.

Bombay, i$th lanuary 1830.]

Travels in the Mogul Empire by Francis Bernier. Translated from
the French by Irving Brock. Calcutta, R. C. Lepage and Co., Printers
and Publisher.

[A reprint of the edition No. 17, with the addition of several typo¬
graphical errors. It is not edited in any sense, and the title-page is
undated. ]

A description of Dehli and Agra. The capital cities of the Empire
of the Great Mogol, by Monsieur Bernier, Physician and companion
of Danishmand Khan.    Written at Dehli, ist July 1663.
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