The Union Theological Seminary in the City of New York

(New York :  Alumni Office,  1970.)



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Dear Alumni:

1 am glad that we are at last to have a new edition of the Alumni Directory which
we intend to publish every decade. The old one now on my desk 1 have used constantly.
Even the few facts recorded help me to place someone whose name has come to my
attention and then 1 know how to find out more about him or her. Those few facts sup¬
plemented by my own memories in many cases bring the person vividly before my

I hope that many alumni will come to own this book because it will help them to
keep up with their own contemporaries at Union and it will make it a little easier for
them  to  place   and  then  to  know  fellow alumni in their own community or region.

Union Seminary has changed from generation to generation and even from decade
to decade but 1 have always found that our relationship to the seminary is a real bond
between us who are alumni no matter how different our memories of our years here
may be. It is not easytospecifyexactly what it is that different generations of alumni
have in common but as one whose good fortune it has been to know alumni from all
periods 1 can testify that there is something real that binds them together. Perhaps the
contrast between the seminary as it is now and what it was in all periods before 1960
will prove to be unusually great but Ihope that this will not be an obstacle to growing
mutual understanding. In all that I say lam not thinking of a consensus of convictions
or agreement in theology or politics but of a spirit characterized by faith combined
with openness, by a high place given to intellectual competence and by concern not
only for God's church but also for God's world.

This edition of the Directory goes out with my warm greetings to all of our alumni
scattered throughout the world and engaged in many new and old forms of ministry
in the name of Christ.

John C. Bennett
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