The Union Theological Seminary in the City of New York

(New York :  Alumni Office,  1970.)



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This new edition of the Alumni Directory {formerly called "Catalogue") supersedes
earlier listings of the officers, faculty members andalumni of Union Seminary.

Established in 1836, the Seminary issued Annual Catalogues for the years 1841-42
to 1848-49 which contained a list of all students previously graduated. As the number
of names increased, a series of Catalogues appeared in 1850, 1853, 1856, 1859,and
1865 in which the names of Seminary officers and faculty members were included.
Brief biographical sketches of each alumnus were first given in the Catalogue of 1865
which was followed by a General Catalogue in 1876. This plan was followed in subse¬
quent editions of the Catalogue which appearedapproximately each decade thereafter.
The   present edition, the first since  1958, includes graduates of the Class of 1969.

This Directory contains a record of allformer students of the Seminary who com¬
pleted at least one full year of study or the equivalent, whether or not they received
a degree. Each class, including former students of the School of Sacred Music, is
divided into two groups: (1) Those who received degrees and (2) those who qualify as
alumni through a year of study at the Seminary or who received graduate degrees in
cooperation with Columbia University and Teachers College.

Alumni who died prior to 1958 and whose biographical sketches may be found in
earlier editions of the Directory are listed only by name with the date of death. Com¬
plete biographical sketches are included for alumni who are known to have died since
1958. All others, known or assumed to be living, are included with records giving the
name in full; college graduation with date and name of college; later graduate study
and seminary training with dates of residence and degrees; date of ordination with
name of denomination and of the ordaining body: pastoral charges and other positions
held after graduation with dates; and honorary degrees with the name of the institution
which conferred them and the dates. Limitations of space have made it impossible to
include special honors, books written and other biographical data which may often be
found in the various types of "Who's Who" publications. In a few eases names of
alumni are omitted at their own request. The numbers in each class are totalled at
the end of the class roster.

A single date after the name of a college indicates the year of graduation. The
degree of A.B. is usually to be understood unless another degree is mentioned or
except in special cases, such as alumni of the School of Sacred Music, where there
is reason for listing the A.B. degree. Entries following college graduation give the
period of study in residence in seminaries or in other institutions, with degrees
received. In these entries, single dates indicate either the year in which a degree was
received, or study during only one term, either spring or fall according to the context.
Abbreviations   used  are   listed  in  a  special  section   in the back of the Directory.

Every care was exercised, within the limits of the Seminary's resources of staff
and funds, to make this new Alumni Directory complete and accurate. Questionnaires
were sent to all alumni whose addresses were known or could be secured. These were
followed by second and third requests when no response was received. When these ■
three mailings produced no results, information was sought from newspaper clippings,
class letters and secretaries, denominationalyearbooks and members of the Seminary
staff. When all these efforts failed to provide up-to-date information, the name of the
alumnus was marked with (t) and the reader is referred to the edition of 1958 as the
only record in our possession. Corrections and suggestions for future issues of the
Directory will be most welcome.

While this Directory is a composite work, involving many people on the Seminary
staff we are especially indebted to Miss Eleanor Clarkson who served as Editor of
this volume. Her work was painstaking and diligent as she worked for over two and
a half years to bring this volume to completion.

Director of Alumni Affairs
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