A transcript of the registers of the company of stationers of London (v. 3)

(London : Birmingham :  Priv. Print.,  1875-77 ; 1894.)



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[ 27 May 1600—2 July 1603 ]
[ Occasional Notes. ]

27 may 1600
To master
[See p. 161.]

27 May-[1600]
To hym [^. e.
J. Robertes.  See
p. 161.]

[See pp, 169 and

[See p. 169.]
[See p. 170.]

my lord chamberlens menns plaies Entred

A moral of ^ clothe breches and velvet hose '

AUarmn to London /

[The next entry has nothing to do with the preceding.    The ink of it is now of
different colour.]

\. %\i^mi [1600]

[The year is fixed by the subsequent entries at pp. 169 and 170.]
As you like y^ / a booke

HENBY the FFIFT / a booke

Euery man in his humour / a booke

The commtdie of ' muche A doo about nothing'
a booke /

y to be staled

Thomas Thorp
William aspley

Thomas Thtop
WilliVm as^ey

It is before entred
to master Se[a]ton

[See p. 236.]


23 Sttit(f/1603

This is to be their copy gettinge aucthority for [it] A leter written
to ye governers and assistantes of ye E[a]st Indian merchantes in
London Concerning the estat\e\ of ye e[ci] stIndian flete 8fc        vj^. w

This re to be thelb^ copie byXdirection fr()m our masYer master
BysshoA   They   getyng  Aucthoritie  •for   yt\ m   a   booke   called

panegirime or cojigraiMation for tfv^ concord of Me kingdome\of great
Britaine m the vnitie \f "religion timer king J Alius s 8fc. wrmten in
French  b^ John  GoEboN  Lord  of Long   orme and one W  the

gent[lemen5 of the French Kinges chamber      .   ^   .         .      Vj^

[The entry to Master Seton on the previous 7th June, was the occasion of this
entry being run through.]

2 3nlii [P1603]

This is to be his copy yf no, other partie haue right vnto yt viz a

booke called ' the Divine Workes of the tvorldes birthe ' of the right noble

and Rare Learned Lord Y. W. Salustitjs du Barta^s : yt is vnder

th[e]handes of master hartwell and the wardens    .        .        vj^

[King James having translated Du Bartas, naturally brought his works into fashion
in London for a time after his succession to the Enghsh throne. ]

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