A transcript of the registers of the worshipful Company of Stationers (v. 1)

(London :  Priv. Print.,  1913-14.)



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[14 March 1653—4 April 1654.      m. Fie.her.{i; |«&„„.]

140 fiKntdi

James Cotterell       Entred for their copie a booke called Glavis ad aperiendum Carceris Ostia
an      c .   oone.    ^^^ rpj^^ j^^^j^ point of the writt of Habeas Corpus discussed, being the case of
M" John Streater, &c.........vj*

16tb iWatrelt 1653 [i.e. 1653^4]

Master                 Entred    ...    a booke called An Enchiridion or epitome of Epigramatic
Hodgkinson.           essays in Latin, Englished........VJ*

[Page 306]

Thom. Roycroft.
Ass. to Master
Twiford, &c.

16 iWatrdt 1653 [i.e. 1653^4]

Entred    ...    a booke called The second pte of the faithfull Counsellor,
or the marrow of the Law in English.    By W"^ Shephard, Esq'    .    vj*

25^^ iWateJt 1654

Th^^u^d hill        Entred for his copie a booke called Short writeing shortned &g, by John
Farthing, approved by Master G-ataker and Master Calamy &c     vj*

31  miitch 1654

Edw. Brewster.       Entred    .    .    .    Severall sermons upon the V* 2'' 3 4, 5 verses on the
Fe Aprill, 1656.     Epistle of JUDE, S on the 2^ ACTS 47; 1. ROM. 21; 26. MATHEW, 20;

2.  Sam. 24^0.; 1. Phillipians 1. 2.; 1. Thessalonians 4. 18.;

3. Revelacon 1. 2. 3.; 2. James, by M' W*" Fenner, late minister of

Eochford in Essex



4<^ Mpx^

John staflford.          Entred    .    .    .    the Praiers of Jf*" Sparkes S M** W"" Jenkyn, before their
usuall sermons..........vj*

Hum. Moseley,
Octa. Pullen
and Master
And. Crooke.

Bit eotrettt

Entred . . . joyntly by vertue of an assignemt under the hands and
seales of the said Octavian Pullen and Andrew Crooke bearing date
the 14*^ of March 1663 [i.e. 1653-4], the booke or copie called, Seaven
Prelections of the obligation of a Promissory Oath, Sc (or Seaven lectures
read in the Divinity schooles at Oxford of the obligacon of Promissory
Oaths') by Rob* Sanderson, D D. to wch assignemt the hand of Master

Warden [



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