A transcript of the registers of the worshipful Company of Stationers (v. 3)

(London :  Priv. Print.,  1913-14.)



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[21 August 1683.]
[35° Caroli Regis IL]

[Page 72]
Robt. Scott.

[Page 73]

Bill's Arithmetick

------ Mannual

Pallace of Pleasure
Gardiner's devotion
Bihliotheca scholastica
Calvin's Institutiones
Cor: Tacitus with Malvezzi's notes
World of wonders
Free schoole of warr
Haward on supremacy
Homer's Battaile offroggs
Morton's Appeale
Merchts Avisoe           ^

Camiri Grammatica   [   ^
Godfrey of Bulloyn
Haven of Health
Gill's Sacred philosophy of the holy Scriptures.    J.
Sure guide of the French tongue    ")   ^
Scapulae Lexicon.   Grae. Lat.       )
Palgrave's Protestation, Lat. French, and English.
Bomi Palestini evaperatio
History of England p William Martin
Thomas Norton, Beplica seu adversus nuperiam &c.
Pharmacopea Bauderoni. Phil. Holland,    i,
Buvius In Aristotelis dialectica.
The 4 cardinall vertues and Sir Edward Bering.    |.
Annotations on the Old and New Testamt.    J.
Buxtorffi lexicon Hebrae et Chaldaic.    J.
Dugdale's Monasticon Anglic: ps 3*'*.    J.
Jackson's Workes in 3 vol.  fol.   a third.

Henry the 5**

iSf John Old Castle

Titus Androneus

Eurialus & Lucretia

Yorke and Lancaster




Yorkesheire Tragedy

The Tempest

Gentlemen of Verona
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