Key officers of foreign service posts (May 1988)

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Guide for Business Representatives

The Key Officers Guide lists key officers at Foreign Service posts with
whom American business representatives would most likely have contact. All
embassies, missions, consulates general, and consulates are listed.

At the head of each U.S. diplomatic mission are the Chief of Mission (with
the title ot Ambassador, Minister or Charge d'Affaires) and the Deputy Chief of
Mission. These officers are responsible for all components of the U.S. Mission
within a country, including consular posts.

At larger posts. Commercial Officers represent U.S. commercial interests
within their country of assignment. Specializing in U.S. export promotion.
Commercial Officers assist American business through: arranging
appointments with local business and government officials, providing counsel
on local trade regulations, laws, and customs; identifying importers, buyers,
agents, distributors, and joint venture partners for U.S. firms; and other
business assistance.

At smaller posts, U.S. commercial interests are represented by Eco¬
nomic/Commercial Officers who also have economic responsibilities.

Financial Attaches analyze and report on major financial developments
and their implications for U.S. policies and programs.

Political Officers analyze and report on political developments and their
potential impact on U.S. interests.

Labor Officers follow the activities of labor organizations and can supply
information on wages, nonwage costs, social security regulations, labor
attitudes toward American investments, etc.

Consular Officers extend to U.S. citizens and their property abroad the
protection of the U.S. (government. They maintain lists of local attorneys, act
as liaison with police and other officials and have the authority to notarize
documents. The Department recommends that business representatives
residing overseas register with the consular officer; in troubled areas, even
travelers are advised to register.

The Administrative Officer is responsible for the normal business op¬
erations of the post, including purchasing for the post and its commissary.
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