Key officers of foreign service posts (May 1988)

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Regional Security Officers are responsible for providing physical,
procedural, and personnel security services to U.S. diplomatic facilities and
personnel; their responsibilities extend to providing in-country security
briefings and threat assessments to business executives.

Scientific Attaches follow scientific and technological developments in the

Agricultural Officers promote the export of U.S. agricultural products and
report on agricultural production and market developments in their area.

The AID Mission Director is responsible for AID programs, including dollar
and local currency loans, grants, and technical assistance.

The Public Affairs Officer is the post's press and cultural affairs specialist
and maintains close contact with the local press.

Business representatives planning a trip overseas should include in their
preparations a visit or telephone call to the nearest U.S. Department of
Commerce District Office. The District Office can provid.e extensive
information and assistance as well as a current list of legal holidays in the
countries to be visited. If desired, the District Officer can also provide advance
notice to posts abroad of the representative's visit.

The Department of State, Bureau of Diplomatic Security, can also provide
current data on the security situation to interested persons planning trips
abroad. American business representatives desiring this information should
contact the Diplomatic Security Service, Overseas Support Programs Division

Some of the services jointly provided by the Departments of State and
Commerce to U.S. business firms interested in establishing a market for their
products, or expanding sales abroad, include;

—The Trade Opportunities Program (TOP) that provides specific export
sales leads of U.S. products and services;

—World Traders Data Report (WTDR) that provides detailed financial
and commercial information on individual firms abroad upon request
from U.S. companies;

—Agent Distributor Service (ADS) that helps U.S. firms find agents or
distributors to represent their firms and market their products abroad;

—Information about foreign markets for U.S. products and services and
U.S.-sponsored exhibitions abroad in which American firms can
participate and demonstrate their products to key foreign buyers.

In all matters pertaining to foreign trade, the nearest U.S. Department of
Commerce District Office should be your first point of contact. Foreign trade
specialists at these facilities render valuable assistance to U.S. business
representatives engaged in international commerce.

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