Columbia Library columns (v.2(1952Nov-1953May))

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  v.2,no.3(1953:May): Page 25  

Other Recent Gifts

Original Water Colors. A group
of three large water colors by
the well-known architectural re¬
corder and author, Vernon Howe
Bailey. From the artist.

Engineering. A collection of 888
volumes on civil and military
engineering, presented to the
Egleston Engineering Library.
From Herbert T. Wade.

Authors' Manuscripts. Original
manuscripts of six short stories
which are to be published this
spring in the Saturday Evening
Post. From the author, James
Warner Bellah.

Original manuscript of a chap¬
ter from The Flying Swans. From
the author, Padraic Colum.

Original manuscript of Whaling
Wives. From the author, Henry
Beetle Hough.

Original manuscript and proofs
of Landfall. FroTTt the author,
Helen R. Hull.

Original manuscript of Pound
Foolish. FroTn the author, Robert

Architecture. Twelve published
works relating to American and
Continental architecture. From
Frederick Frost, Sr.

Fourteen books and pamphlets,
principally relating to early Amer¬
ican architecture. From Talbot F.

Russia. The first edition of P. S.
Pallas's Reise durch verschiedene
Provinzen des Russischen Reichs,
St. Petersburg, 1771. Froffi Vale¬
rien Lada-Mocarski.

Diaries. Manuscript diaries of John
D. Ward, 1827-1830, in five vol¬
umes. Fro77i Robert E. Schmitz.

  v.2,no.3(1953:May): Page 25