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  v.7,no.1(1957:Nov): Page 38  

Our Growing Collections


Barzun gift. Dean Jacques Barzun (a.b., 1927, .\.m., 1928, ph.d.,
1932) added twelve cotrespondence files of material relating to
his published works, to book clubs, and to his other affiliations.
Included in the gift are several items of note that are destined for
the Berlioz Collection w hich Dean Barzun has so enthusiastically
worked to develop.

Brunner gift. Thtough the great generosity of Dr. F. H. Brunner,
an outstanding 18th-century French publishing venture in the field
of Art, \\ ith impottant additions, has been presented to Avery
Library. The 81 books (bound in 84) of the "Cabinet du Roi"
w-ere issued on the order of Louis XIV of France, and the present
set was supplemented by continuations executed in the reigns of
Louis XV, Louis XVI and the Emperor Napoleon, dealing with
royal properties, collections and fetes. The sumptuous plates were
executed by various of the most noted French engravers of the
times. In its present form, this copy is doubtless one of the most
extensive exemplars known. There is no record of any complete
copy of this work having been sold in the last 40 years.

The Clark Papers. Professor John M. C'lark (.\.m., 1906, Pii.n.,
1911) presented a voluminous collection of pamphlets, offprints,
and notes by and relating to his late father. Professor John Bates
Clark (1.1..D., 1929 HON.). This gift greatly augments a corpus
of the latter's papers which was presented in 1954 by the same

Delano gift. Mr. William Adams Delano, head of the architectural

  v.7,no.1(1957:Nov): Page 38