Columbia Library columns (v.9(1959Nov-1960May))

(New York :  Friends of the Columbia Libraries.  )



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  v.9,no.3(1960:May): Page 46  

Current and Forthcoming Exhibits

Nine years ago, when the Friends of the Columbia Libraries
were being reorganized on the present basis, a Rotunda exhibition
of fifty of our chief library treasures in all fields was installed for
the opening meeting of the new organization. The exhibition, of
which a printed catalog was prepared, was extremely successful,
and we decided recently to place it on view again, this time in the
display cases on the 3rd floor of Butler Library.

As might be expected, we have been unable to leave well enough
alone. iMany of the items originally shown are replaced in the new
exhibition by others M-hich have come to the Libraries since the
Friends were reorganized. AA'ith these improvements, we feel that
the display will bring added pleasure to its viewers, as it brings
pride to us. These are our crown jewels: many of them have high
sentimental value; others have great scholarly interest as individ¬
ual documents; still others have been selected to represent areas of
special strength in the Columbia Libraries.

One of the principal features of the exhibition is the evidence it
supplies of the great benefits that have accrued and are continuing
to accrue from the generosity of donors. The names of many re¬
cent benefactors appear in the exhibit labels, among them being
many members of the Friends.

On May 15, at the close of the current display of Columbia's
special treasures, an exhibition celebrating the looth anniversary
of the opening of Japanese-American diplomatic relations will be
installed, to remain on view until about June 15. This exhibition
will actually consist of two sections. In the Butler Library cases
will be shown western-language materials only, while (from
May I to June i) Japanese language materials relating to the same
subject will be on view in the Rotunda of Low Memorial Library.

From June 20 to July i a showing of the i960 selections for
the annual "50 Books of the Year" exhibit will be held under the
auspices of the American Institute of Graphic Arts. This will be

  v.9,no.3(1960:May): Page 46