Columbia Library columns (v.15(1965Nov-1966May))

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  v.15,no.1(1965:Nov): Page 38  

Our Growing Collections



.I.G..4. gift. The American Institute of Graphic Arts has
continued its practice of placing a full set of each
year's "50 Books of the Year" award winners in Special

Collections. The current gift comprises the 1964 exhibition (1963


Appleton gift. Professor William W. Appleton (M.A., 1940;
Ph.D., 1949) has presented a remarkable collection of thirty
letters from his distinguished ancestor, William Henry Appleton,
the publisher, to the latter's father, Daniel Appleton, then senior
member of the firm. The letters, written during the period from
May 15, 1838, to May 2, 1839, deal with business affairs, com¬
mercial news, and personal matters.

Aranico gift. Through the good offices of Professor Saba Hab-
achy, the Arabian American Oil Company has presented to the
Law Library a collection of 214 Arabic books, many of which
are old and rare. They comprise basic works on Islamic law,
statutory compilations of several Middle Eastetn countries, and
legal tteatises, as well as a number of novels, histories, and other
works of more general interest.

Day gift. .Mrs. John Day has presented a large number of trans¬
criptions, notes, and papers relevant to the Columbia papyri
which her husband, the late Professor Day, had compiled.

East Asian Library: Chinese Section. In recent months some
200 government and public institutions in Taiwan have been
approached directly for publications that are not otherwise read-

  v.15,no.1(1965:Nov): Page 38