Columbia Library columns (v.15(1965Nov-1966May))

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  v.15,no.2(1966:Feb): Page 43  

Our Growing Collections



A PPLETON gift. Professor WiUiam W. Appleton (M.A.,
/-A 1940; Ph.D., 1949) has made further additions to the
jL. )\ Appleton Family Papers. Included in his recent gift
are letters to the publishing firm of D. Appleton and Company
from Lord Acton, Thomas Bewick, George H. Boughton,
Salmon P. Chase, Samuel S. Cox, and A. E. W. Mason, as well
as a group of documents among which are two invoices from
Thomas Bewick for the shipment of books from Newcastle to
Longman and Co. in London, dated February 6 and April 16,

Artzybasheff bequest. Columbia University was one of several
institutions named in the will of the late painter and portraitist
Boris Artzybasheff, who for nearly a quarter of a century
created covers for Time. His works were the subject of a recent
retrospective exhibition in the Time-Life Building. Among the
twenty-eight oil paintings and drawings received in the bequest
are portraits of Marian Anderson, Charles Darwin, Sigmund
Freud, General Douglas MacArthur, and Joseph Stalin, as well
as illustrations done for As I See, Ghond the Hunter, Orpheus,
and The Droll Stories.

Berol gift. iVIr. and Mrs. Alfred C. Berol have added significantly
to the music materials which they presented last year. Their
current gift covers a wide range of research material with
special emphasis on eighteenth and nineteenth century Amer¬
ican and English harmonies and psalmodies, a number of Isaiah
Thomas imprints, publications and manuscripts of the American
  v.15,no.2(1966:Feb): Page 43