Columbia Library columns (v.15(1965Nov-1966May))

(New York :  Friends of the Columbia Libraries.  )



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  v.15,no.2(1966:Feb): Page 55  

Activities of the Friends


Leo Rosten speaker at the Fall Meeting. On the occasion of
the association's Fall Meeting, which was held at the Men's
Faculty Club on Wednesday, November lo, Mr. Leo Rosten,
the author of The Education of Hyman Kaplan and other books
and Editorial Adviser for Look magazine, was the speaker. In
the development of his topic "Ideas and Superstitions", he gave
a humorous and at times sardonic twist to many commonly held

Winter Meeting on February 28. As we go to press with this
issue of Columns, plans have been completed for the next meeting
of the Friends, which will be held at the Men's Faculty Club on
Monday, February 28. The program will focus on the late Robert
J. Flaherty's career as a motion picture maker and on the collec¬
tion in the Columbia Libraries which bears his name. The speaker
will be Frances Hubbard Flaherty (Mrs. Robert Flaherty), who
was associated with her husband in his motion picture work and
is a public speaker, and Professor Erik Barnouw, teacher of
Dramatic Arts at Columbia.

Bancroft Awards Dinner. Our members may w"ish to make
note of the fact that the Bancroft Awards Dinner will be held
this year on Thursday, April 21. Invitations will be mailed a
month before the event.

  v.15,no.2(1966:Feb): Page 55