Columbia Library columns (v.15(1965Nov-1966May))

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  v.15,no.3(1966:May): Page 41  

Activities of Friends


Bancroft Prizes Dinner

On Thursday, April 21, approximately 300 members of our
organization and their guests met for the culminating event of
the academic year—the Bancroft Prizes Dinner which was held
in the Rotunda of Low Memorial Library. Mr. Hugh J. Kelly,
Chairman of our association, presided.

During the program. President Grayson Kirk announced the
titles of the two prize-winning books judged by the Bancroft
Prize Jury to be the best published in 1965 in the fields of
American History, American Diplomacy and International Rela¬
tions of the United States: Between Two Empires: the Ordeal
of the Philippines, 1^21)-ip^6, by Theodore Friend, III, and The
Peacemakers: the Great Powers and American. Independence, by
Richard B. Morris. He presented a $4,000 check to each of the
authors, who responded with short addresses. Mr. Kelly pre¬
sented certificates to Air. Chester Kerr of the Yale University
Press and to Mr. Cass Canfield of Harper and Row, the pub¬
lishers, respectively, of the two prize-winning books.

The Bancroft Dinner Committtee was made up of Mrs. Fran¬
cis Henry Lenygon, Chairman, and Mrs. Arthur C. Holden.

The prizes are provided by funds from the Bancroft Founda¬
tion. The Friends take pleasure in helping to enlarge public
knowledge of these awards.

Secretary-Treasitrer Honored

At the meeting of the Council of the Friends, which was held
on March 16, Dr. Richard H. Logsdon, the Director of Lib¬
raries, referred to his recent letter to the Council members
concerning  the  forthcoming vacancy  in the Secretary-Trea-
  v.15,no.3(1966:May): Page 41