Columbia Library columns (v.26(1976Nov-1977May))

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  v.26,no.1(1976:Nov): Page 24  

Our Growing Collections


Barnouw gift. For inclusion in the collection of his papers. Profes¬
sor Erik Barnouw has donated the typewritten manuscript and
corrected proofs for his Tube of Plenty: The Evohition of Ameri¬
can Television, and the corrected typewritten manuscript for his
Documentary: A History of the Non-Fiction Film, both of which
were published in 1975 by the Oxford University Press.

Columbia Forwin gift. The Columbia Forinn, which began publi¬
cation in 1958 and ceased in 1975, has donated its editorial and
correspondence files, comprising approximately 38,000 letters,
manuscripts, editorial reports, memoranda and biographical
sketches. Numerous Columbia authors, faculty and alumni are
represented in the archive, including John Ashberry, W. H.
Audcn, Philip Booth, Melville Cane, Robert Gotham Davis,
Babette Deutsch, T S. Eliot, Paul Goodman, Carolyn Heilbrun,
Kenneth Koch, Robert Lax, Samuel Lubell, Margaret .Mead, W. S.
Merwin, Douglas Moore, Robert Pack, Louis Simpson, Francis
Steegmuller, Lionel Trilling, RexfordTugwell, and Barbara Ward.

Eckstein gift. Mrs. Alice Eckstein has donated the papers of her
husband, the late Dr. Walter Fxkstein, a scholar in the fields of
ethics and legal philosophy. Included are the notes, drafts and
manuscripts of his writings on Spinoza and Adam Smith, as well
as his correspondence with academic colleagues in Europe and the
United States, among which are letters from John H. Randall, Jr.,
and Martin Buber.

Fletcher gift. Mrs. Eleanor Langley Fletcher has presented a col¬
lection of nineteen works by and about the English poet, A. E.
Housman. Notable among the first editions in this unusually fine
and comprehensive collection are the following: A Shropshire

  v.26,no.1(1976:Nov): Page 24