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  v.26,no.2(1977:Feb): Page 38  

Our Gro'wing Collections


Blow gift. Knowing of our extensive holdings in the field of poster
art, Mr. George Blow has further strengthened these resources by
his gift of 157 American and three Canadian World War II pos¬
ters. Dating mainly from the period, 1941-1943, the posters in the
gift include examples of the graphic work of important poster
artists, such as John Atherton, C. C. Beall, Howard Chandler
Christy, Jean Carlo, Stevan Dohanos and Ben Shahn. The most
striking among them bear the familiar slogans that inspired the
American war effort—"Give It A'our Best," "Someone Talked,"
"Buy a Share in America," "Loose Talk Can Cost Lives" and "You
Buy'Em-We'll Fly'Em!"

Class of 11)2^ gift. The College Class of 1923 has presented, in
memory of the late Aaron Fishman, an important literary edition
hitherto lacking from our collection: John Dryden's Annus
Mirabilis: The Year of Wonders, 1666, tlie first edition printed in
London for Henry Herringman in 1667. This historical poem,
written in quatrains, uses as its subjects the naval war with Hol¬
land and the fire of London.

Cohen gift. As his gift in honor of the twenty-fifth anniversary of
the Friends, Air. Herman Cohen has presented a group of five
printed and manuscript items relating to the Irish revolutionary
Roger Casement, including the following: a leaflet, "The Lan¬
guage of the Outlaw," which pleads the cause of the Irish language
and its use in modern Ireland; a broadside, printed in Germany,
ca. 1916, beginning "We, the Alembers of the Irish Brigade now
being formed in Germany"; an eight-page pampltlet, "Object of
an Irish Brigade in the present war," printing the text of an address
by Casement to a company of Irish soldiers at Limburg, Germany;
and a carbon typewritten copy of a letter signed by Patrick
McCartan, Envoy of the Provisional Government of Ireland, in

  v.26,no.2(1977:Feb): Page 38