Columbia Library columns (v.26(1976Nov-1977May))

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  v.26,no.3(1977:May): Page 1  

Columbia Library Columns

VOLUME   XXyi                  M.-^Y, I977                          NUMBER  3


Whitney M.A'oung, Jr.

The "Voice of the Voiceless"                   ann tanneyhill

"Ignorance Is Not Innocence"
Anthony Trollope As Novelist

and Preacher                                           ai.ick, schri'.yf.r              i i

Comets from Fiction to Fact                         robi'.rt a. wolvf.n          20

Our Grow ing Collections                             kf.nneth a. i.ohf           31

Activities of the Friends                                                                         44

Published by the friends of the Columbia libr.aries,

Butler Library, ColumbiaUniversity,NewYork, New York 10027.

Three issues a year, two dollars and fifty cents each.
  v.26,no.3(1977:May): Page 1