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  v.27,no.1(1977:Nov): Page 20  

Lynd Ward;

A Half-Century Association 'viTth

The Limited Editions Club



"^ OR almost half a century now, Lynd A\'ard has been
illusttating books for The Limited Editions Club and this,
one must admit, is an exceptionally long period of time.
Except for some private presses and a number of publishers pro¬
ducing fine books in special editions on occasion, few can compare
with the standard set by The Limited Editions Club in the selec¬
tion of all the intricacies that go into the making of beautiful
books. The club's selection of illustrators, typographers, printers,
designers, and specially made papers are, in any of these categories,
choices which display impeccable taste and excellence. Excep¬
tional, too, is the great variety shown in the selection of the titles
in the books they publish. Certainly, there is something in the vast
list of their publications to please every taste, whether it be ordi¬
nary, unusual, or esoteric. And there isn't a more accomplished
artist—to our knowledge—in the production of fine book's than
Lynd Ward. He is no ordinary artist; rather, he is the "artist extra¬
ordinary" who has demonstrated unusual varieties of mediums and
methods used to illustrate, to interpret, and to illuminate the texts
presented to him by the Club. His illustrations range from carbon
crayon drawings, original mezzotints, pen, ink, and brush draw¬
ings, to wood engravings, and lirhographs in black-and-white, and
in color. One is staggered by the hundreds of illustrations by this
prodigious worker for the Club alone and at the consistent high
quality of the artistry in book illustration they represent.

Lynd Ward was born in Chicago, Illinois, in 1905 and graduated
from Columbia University in 1926. He was Editor-in-Chief of
  v.27,no.1(1977:Nov): Page 20