Columbia Library columns (v.27(1977Nov-1978May))

(New York :  Friends of the Columbia Libraries.  )



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  v.27,no.1(1977:Nov): Page 44  

Activities of the Friends

Fall Meeting. Held in the Rotunda and Faculty Room of Low
Memorial Library on Thursday evening, October 27, the fall
meeting featured a talk, "Reflections on the Idea of Progress,"
by Dr. Robert Nisbet, the Albert Schweitzer Professor in the

Winter Meeting. The Friends and the University Librarian will
host a reception in the Rotunda of Low Memorial Library on
Thursday afternoon, February 2, 1978, to open the exhibition,
"The Centenary of John iMasefield's Birth."

Finances. For the twehx-month period which ended on June 30,
1977, rhe general purpose contributions totaled $20,625, and the
special purpose gifts, $ 12,000, which included a bequest of !53,ooo
received from the estate of Samuel Druckcr. The Friends also
donated or bequeathed books and mantiscripts having an ap¬
praised value of ,1172,935, bringing the total value of gifts and
contributions since the establishment of the association in 1951 to

Membership. As of October i, 1977, the membership of the
Friends totaled 441, which includes 21 new memberships added
during the past year.

  v.27,no.1(1977:Nov): Page 44