Columbia Library columns (v.28(1978Nov-1979May))

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  v.28,no.2(1979:Feb): Page 40  

40                                Kenneth A. Lohf

which have added to our collection numerous scarce and rare
works. Included are extensive files of first editions of Mary Butts,
Ivy Compton-Burnett, T. S. Eliot, Ronald Firbank, E. M. Forster,
David Garnctt, Henry Green, Graham Greene, Aldous Huxley,

Frontispiece portrait of iUary Butts by Jean Coctcau f]-oni her
Armed with Madness. (Kissner gift)

Rosamond Lehmann, Osbert Sitwell, Logan Pearsall Smith, Muriel
Spark, Lytton Strachey, Evelyn Waugh, Angus Wilson and Vir¬
ginia Woolf. Mention may be made of the following choice
editions: Mary Butts, Armed with Madness, 1928, one of 100
numbered copies illustrated by Jean Cocteau; T. S. Eliot, A Ser¬
mon Preached in Magdalene College Chapel... 7 March 19^8 and
  v.28,no.2(1979:Feb): Page 40