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Our Growing Collections



Albrecht-Carrie gift. The papers of the late Rene Albrecht-Carrie
(A.B., 1923; A.M., 1923; Ph.D., 1938), Professor of History at
Barnard College and at the School of International Affairs, have
been presented by Mrs. Albrecht-Carrie through the good offices
of the executor. Professor Stephen Koss. They comprise primarily
the research notes and manuscripts for his important writings on
European history, including those for his major books, A Diplo¬
matic History of Europe Since the Congress of Vienna, The His¬
torical Background of European Unity and The Meaning of the
First World War. Among the correspondence files are lettets from
James Truslow Adams, Edouard Daladier, Pierre .Mendes-France,
Albert Sarraut and James T. Shotwell.

Auerbach gift. A rare Samuel L. Clemens publication has been re¬
ceived as a gift from Mr. Bart Auerbach: Mark Twain's Memory-
Builder: A Game for Acquiring All Sorts of Facts and Dates, pub¬
lished in 1891. Conceived by Clemens as a game to aid children in
remembering historical dates, the complete set, which is present
in Mr. Auerbach's gift, includes: a playing board with directions
on the verso, dated Hartford, February 1891; a pamphlet entitled.
Facts for Mark Twain's Memory Builder, New York, Charles L.
Webster & Co., 1891; and a box with printed label containing the
two sets of pins to be used in playing the game.

Barzun gift. Correspondence files relating to his recent literary and
lecturing activities have been presented by University Professor
Emeritus Jacques Barzun (A.B., 1927; A.M., 1928; Ph.D., 1932)
for inclusion in the collection of his papers. In addition. Professor
Barzun has donated nearly two hundred volumes from his personal

  v.28,no.3(1979:May): Page 37