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  v.39,no.1(1989:Nov): Page 9  

Contributions to the Pentagram


Written in Dejection in April

Of old, when all the world was young.

Painter and poet
Spring-time's eternal praises sung.
Their admiration broadcast flung;

They liked to show it.

But nowadays the world's grown old.

The minstrels know it!
And stubborn people, who uphold
The theory that Spring's not cold.

Had better stow it.

Of olden time on First of iVlay,

If hist'ry lies not.
The people raised a May-pole gay:
The people of the present day

Can't find a dry spot.

And nowadays it's plain to all,

And needs no shewing.
The Maypole wouldn't stand a squall,
And if it did, the fun would pall

If it were snowing.

The Lost Chord

|May 29, 1888]


The "Pelican" has returned from abroad with his health com¬
pletely shattered. We sincerely hope that he will not attempt to
inflict upon his miserable readers any account of his sufferings and
  v.39,no.1(1989:Nov): Page 9