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  v.42,no.1(1992:Nov): Page 35  

Our Growing Collections


Beuf gift. Mrs. Beatrice Gallatin Beuf has presented an important
seventeenth-century Russian manuscript: the Charter of Czar
Michael granting land and other privileges and rights to Anufril,
Archbishop of Astrakham and Terek, and to his successors. Of spe¬
cial importance for the history of Russian church-state relations,
the document, a long scroll dated Moscow, August 17, 1622, was
written during the first decade of the Romanov dynasty when Czar
Michael's father, Philaret, the Patriarch of Moscow and the actual
ruler of Russia, embarked on reforms to consolidate state power
after the Time of Troubles. Mrs. Beuf has designated her gift in
memory of her distinguished late husband. Carlo Beuf

Brown gift. Mr. James Oliver Brown has donated a humorous and
satiric letter written to him by the novelist Herbert Gold, dated Feb¬
ruary 29, 1992, in which he mentions the draft of a new novel,
"The Island of Bohemia," which he has just completed.

Burns gift. Dr. Stanley B. Burns and his son, Mr. Jason L. Burns,
have presented a collection of approximately one hundred first edi¬
tions of American literary works that were assembled and used by
Joel Ehas Spingarn (A.B., 1895; Ph.D., 1899) who held the posi¬
tion of professor of comparative literature, 1899-1911. Many of the
books are inscribed or have annotations by Professor Spingarn, and
several volumes of his own writings are inscribed to his mother.
Included in the gift are files of books by major American writers of
the nineteenth century, among them William Cullen Bryant, Bret
Harte, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Oliver Wendell Holmes, William
Dean Howells, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, James Russell Low¬
ell, Mark Twain, Edith Wharton, John Greenleaf Whittier, and
George E. Woodberry

  v.42,no.1(1992:Nov): Page 35