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  v.42,no.2(1993:Feb): Page 33  

Our Growing Collections


Asadourian gift. Mr. William Asadourian has donated to the Rare
Book and Manuscript Library: forty typescripts by Pearl S. Buck;
over one hundred letters between Ivy Ledbetter Lee, who is known
as the "father of modern public relations,'' and his fiancee, Cornelia
Bartlett Bigelow, all written in 1901, the year of their marriage; four
theatrical posters and associated items relating to the mystical illu¬
sionist Fanny Prestige; and fifteen cabinet photographs of
nineteenth-century actresses.

Barnes gift. The papers of the late editor Joseph Barnes have been
donated to the library by his wife, Mrs. Elizabeth B. Barnes.
Included in the gift of over twenty-seven thousand items are corre¬
spondence, manuscripts, scrapbooks, notes, clippings, and memo¬
randums related to his work as a member of the staff of the follow¬
ing organizations: the Institute of Pacific Relations, while he was in
Russia, Manchuria, Japan, and China during 1931-34; and after¬
wards at the Office of War Information; the Foreign Policy Associa¬
tion; the New York Herald Tribune; the New York Star; and Simon
& Schuster, during the 1950s and 1960s. Barnes corresponded
with, among others, Willy Brandt, Malcolm Cowley, Abraham
Flexner, Theodore Koliek, Owen Latimore, Max Lerner, Herbert
Matthews, Paul Reynaud, Leo Szilard, and Telford Taylor.

Beeson gift. Mrs. Nora Beeson (A.M., 1948; Ph.D., 1960) has
donated nine illustrated Russian books including two published by
Academia in Moscow: Alexander Puskin's Euvgenii Onegin, 193 3;
and a volume of tales about Prince Igor, Slovo opolky Igorevie, 19 34,
illustrated by Ivan I. Golikov, best-known artist of the palekah style;
this book is considered one of the most beautiful books published in
the 1920s by Academia.

  v.42,no.2(1993:Feb): Page 33