Columbia Library columns (v.44(1995))

(New York :  Friends of the Columbia Libraries.  )



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  v.44,no.1(1995:Winter): Page [3]  


Michael Stoller, Editor


|fith this Winter 1995 issue, Library
Columns begins a new format and an expanded mission. Columns is still the publi¬
cation of The Friends of the Columbia Libraries, and we remain committed to
keeping our readers informed about research that touches on Columbia
University and its library collections. But we have broadened our scope. While
condnuing to highlight the collections of the Rare Book and Manuscript
Library and the research they facilitate. Library Columns will now appear twice
each year—in the winter and summer—and will attempt to shed that same light
on Columbia's other great collections. Toward this end, we have created an edi¬
torial board of librarians from throughout the Columbia commtniity to proxide
news and insight on developments in their respective collections. We have also
created an Advisor)' Board of scholars to help us identif)' important research
taking place at Columbia that may be of interest to our readers.

Perhaps the clearest evidence for our new role can be found in this issue's "Our
Growing Collections," which describes additions to the Aveiy, East Asian, Music,
and Rare Book and Manuscript Libraries. Taken together, they give ample e\1-
dence that the collections of the Columbia Libraries are indeed growing, as we
treasure and care for the heritage on our shelves and work to make it available
to all those who value it as we do.
  v.44,no.1(1995:Winter): Page [3]