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  v.44,no.1(1995:Winter): Page [32]  

Our Growing Collectims

The Aviary Library

Biinskft gtj!- Upon the recent death of his widow, the family of Mr. Gordon
Bunshaft has added to Avery's Gordon Bunshaft collection several photo
albums, Bimshaft's travel diaries, and other memorabilia that complement the
collection donated by this distinguished architect during the last year of his life.

WHien Biuishaft was awarded the Pritzker Prize in 1988, the Miv Tbrk Times said:

Unlike die Oscars or die l-*ulitzers, [the Pritzker] is not an indication of die lat¬
est new works of importance. It is more of a capstone to a career. . . . Bunshaft,
the 79 year old architect who for many years was the most powciful design
partner in the New York office of Skidmore, Owings and Merrill, is a con¬
firmed modernist. His masterworks include Lever House, 140 Broadway and
tiic Manufacturers Hanover Bank. All in New York, they are glass buildings
which are justly considered triumphs of postwar American modernism.... In
the 1970s ... his style evolved into a somewhat aggressively heavy sculptural
approach that was less well received than his earlier work. His buQdings dur¬
ing this period included die round Hirsclihorn Museum in Washington, the
travertine-clad Lyndon Baincs Johnson Library in Austin, Texas, and die slop¬
ing facade skyscraper al 9 West 57ch Street in New York.

Bunshaft was also the architect of Yale's Beinecke Library and is considered
responsible for instigating corporate investment in and public display of signif¬
icant art works. He had an important art collection himself, which was willed to
the Museum of Modern Art, The extensive documentation of all his personal
art purchases, however, has come to Avery as part of this latest gift.
  v.44,no.1(1995:Winter): Page [32]