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  v.44,no.2(1995:Autumn): Page [39]  

Our Growing Collections

The R\Rt Book ,-\\d M.wi'script 1.irr\rv

liarzioi gift: Professor Emeritus Jacques Barzun (A.B., 1927; A.M., 1928; Ph.D.,
1932) added to his collection thirty-two volumes of literary works and a group
of nearly 1,400 papers and documents, which include personal, professional,
and family correspondence, manuscripts, proofs, and other materials relating
to his long career as a teacher, writer, and editor

lioyrltiih gift: Nine boxes of books, manuscripts, and printed materials were
donated to the Bakhmeteff Archive of Russian and East European History and
Culture by Bohdan Boychuk, a Ukrainian-American poet. Mr. Boychuk was a
founding member of the New York Group of Ukrainian Poets, whose archives
were also added to the Rare Book and Manuscript Library this year (see
Ukrainian poetry gift below).

hinsr gijl: Mr. William Freese donated nine letters from the eminent jurist
Benjamin Cardozo written to him, to Mrs. Freese, and to the Committee on
Admissions of the Association of the Bar of New York.

//r/jY7:s//r/,-,!;v//;IolaHaverstick {A.B., 1946; A.M., 1965) added to her many gifts
to the Rare Book and Manuscript Library inscribed copies of The Collected Stories
of Louis Auchincloss (Boston; Houghton Mifflin, 1994) and Carol Gelderman's
biography, Louis Auchincloss: A Writer's Life (New York: Crown, 1993), as well as
two fine editions of Edith Wharton works. In Morocco (New York: Charles
Scribner's Sons, 1920) and The Book of the Homeless, number 25 of a limited edi¬
tion printed by the Merrymount Press and signed by D. B. Updike. The latter,
edited by Mrs. Wharton, is an illtistrated collection of poetry and fiction creat¬
ed in 1916 by an international group of well-known artists and writers for the
benefit of the American Hostels for Refugees and the Children of Flanders
Rescue Committee.
  v.44,no.2(1995:Autumn): Page [39]