Brown, T. Allston A history of the New York stage from the first performance in 1732 to 1901 (v.2)

(New York :  Dodd, Mead and Co.,  1903.)



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the Devil's Auction" was transferred from Banvard's Museum to
the Academy, and was played, with the exception of the opera
nights, until Dec. 17. Guiseppina Morlacci, Eliza Blasina,
Augusta Sohlke, Ermesilda Diani, Eugenie Lupo, Aurelia Ricci,
L. Barretta, and Mons. Giovani Lupo, were the principal dancers,
with Sig. D. Ronzani as maltre de ballet. In the dramatic com¬
pany were Annie Wood, Hattie Thorne, and others. A. Pedigam
was musical director. Auber's opera, "La Bayadere," was given
Dec. 16, for the first time here in sixteen years. H. L. Bateman's
Opera Bouffe company performed "La Grande Duchesse," Dec.
20, for the benefit of the French Benevolent Society. Janauschek
reappeared Dec. 23, in "Deborah;" Dec. 25, "Marianna" and
"Come Here; " Dec. 27, "Faust" was sung; Dec. 28, Janauschek
was seen in "Iphigenia in Tauris." The Caroline Richings
Opera troupe began a season Dec. 30, in "Crown Diamonds;"
Dec. 31, "Martha." Jan. i, 1868, for the first time in this city,
Benedict's opera, "The Lily of Killarney," was sung, cast as

Eily O'Connor .

Anne Chute
Mrs. Cregan   .
Hardress Cregan
Danny Mann   .

Caroline Richings

Mrs. E. Seguin

Mrs. James Arnold

.    .      Wm. Castle

S. C. Campbell

Myles-na-Coppaleen. Pierre Bernard
Father Tom . . . . H. G. Peakes
Bertie O'Moore .... Mr. WyHe
Corrigan    ....   James A. Arnold

This opera was received so coolly that it had only one other re¬
production. "Maritana," "The Doctor of Alcantara," "The Bohe¬
mian Girl, ""Fra Diavolo," " La Somnambula," and "Faust" were
given in succession. W. Vincent Wallace's opera of "The Desert
Flower" was sung, for the first time in America, Jan. 15: Captain
Maurice, W. Castle; Major Hector Van Pumpernickle, E. Seguin;
Sergeant Peterman, J. A. Arnold; Casgan, Mr. S. C. Campbell;
Oanita, Caroline Richings; Eva, Mrs. J. A. Arnold. "Fra Dia¬
volo" closed the season. The Hah Yah-Ta-Kee troupe of Japs
commenced Jan. 24, and continued until Jan. 29. Feb. 12, the
De La Grange-Brignoli Italian opera company, under the direc¬
tion of Max Strakosch, took possession of the Academy. In this
company were Anna de La Grange, Adelaide Phillips, Isabella
McCulIoch, Rita Sangalli (danseuse), Brignoli, Massimilliani,
Sarti, Coletti, Baragli, Susini, and Nicolao, musical director.
They remained until Feb. 28, giving "La Traviata," "Lucia,"
"Un Ballo in Maschera," "Rigoletto," "La Favorita," "Norma,"
and "Roberto el Diavolo." This company returned March 16,
Stella Bonheur having meantime joined them, and they remained
for one week.

May II, Mme. Janauschek gave selections from "Mary Stuart"
and "Deborah," and the Italian artists were heard in a concert for
the benefit of the American  Dramatic Fund.    Wendell Phillips
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