Real estate record and builders' guide (v.33no.825(Jan. 5 1884)-no.850(June 28 1884))

([Brooklyn, N.Y.] :  C.W. Sweet & Co.,  1868-1884.)



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March 29,1884

The Real Estate Record


SStBame property. William. Conklin agt same.

(Sept, 20.1883).........................     14 81

Sfl+Same property.   Geo, B. Conklin agt same.

(Sept. ao, 1R§3)...........................      18 60

S6tBame property.   F. S. Coakliu agt same,

(Sept. 211.1883)...........................     86 25

SdtSaine  property.     William   Johnson    agl

same.   (Sept 2D, 1883)....................     22 87

£6tSaine property.   John Johnston agt same.

(Sept. 20, 1883).....................     45 87

26  Third av, n w cor ISfith et. 75,4.i99.6.   Henry

Turno agt Margaret Schmitt,   (Jan.   14,

1884).................................   240 00

26*UnIon at, n a, intersection of Wolf st, sws,
28d Ward. Bernard Duffy agt Alexander
McNallv; John Spellman, owner.....618 76

37 Seventh av, sw cor 128th st, 100x85, R, L.
Steiner, assiiroee Kasschau M'f'g Co, agt
Patrick and Mary Whelan, John Allen and
Benjamin Richardson.   (Jau. 15,1884).    .   451 G5

27  Seventh av. s w cor 128th st, 100xl2i>.   Ole

On:>sted  aet John   Allen   and   Patrick
Whelan.    (Dec. 15, 1883)  ..................    266 83

28  Seventy-sixth st. n s, 125 e 4th av, 100 ft front.

Thomas F. Treacy agt Fred. A, Wall and

George H, Weyer.   iMar. 4.1884) .......    1,348 BO

28 Same property.   Same agt same.   (Mar, 3,

1884).....................................1,208 40

•Discharged by depositing  amount  of lien   with
County Clerk,
f Cancelled and discharged by order of Court.

March 22 to 28—inclusive.

Howard av, e s. 50 s Marion st. 25x100. Rich¬
ard F.Whipple agt Christiana Webber,
Peter Mode'^t ana Chris. Bauer. (Lien
filed Mar. 14, 1884.) (Satisfied by deposit). 5S83 03

St. Jamea pl, w a, 75 n Greene av, 100x82. Cross,
Austin & Co, agt Thomas S. Thorp, John
J, Mills, J. M. Frace and H. Bush. (Mar,
4, 1884).........,...........................   300 00



SOUTH OF 14tB bt, -

Rivington st. s e cor BherifE st, one five-story
brick tenem't and store, 18,9x-')6, tin roof; rost.
$10,000; owner, John McCuUough, 91 East 4th
st; architect, Jobn A, Reiner; builder, Thos,
Breanan.    Plan 808,

Bayard st, No. 47, one three-story brick wheel¬
wright shop and lofts, 35x75, tin roof; cost,
$5jOoO; lessees, George Hoepfner and Henry
Wuest. 103 Bayard sb; architect, J, Boekeli,
Plan 321,

Broome st. No. 400, one four-story brick and
Ohio stone factory, 25,3 and '20x94 and lOd, tin
roof; cost, $10,o'0(); owner. Jasper Cairns, 210
West 57th st: architect, J. M, Dunn; builder, M.
McGinby,    Plan 330.

(3-'-and st, n e cor Allen st, one twostory brick
store and dwell'g, 25,x44, tin roof; cost, $13,000;
part owner, John L. Cadwalader, (5S Wall st;
architect, Oulins Boekeli.    Plan S20,

Mulberry st. No. 224, one three-story brick
stalls and wagon room, 25 and ."50x100. gravel
roof; cost, $18,000; owner, Patrick McNamara.
228 Mulberry at; architect, W, Graul,   Flan 336.

Mulberry st. No. 326, one tbree-story and
basement brick tenem't, 25x44, tin roof; cost,
$9,000; owner, Patrick McNamara, 328 Mulberry
et; architect, W. Graul, Plan 337.
•■Grand st, Nos. 305 and 307, one three-storv
and baaement first-class store, 44,1 and 44x75,
metal roof; cost, $30,1(00; owner, Thomas Lewis,
583 Lexington av; architect, J, B. Snook; build¬
er, not selected.   Plan 339,


24th st. No, 234 E,, one five-story bricfc tenem't.
24,8x83. tin rooC; cost, $15,000; owner, Edward
Mulvany, 170 East 70tli st; architect, John Sex¬
ton.   Plan 315,

28th at, n s, 296 w 7th av, one flve-story brick
factory, 23x81, gravel or tin roof; cost, ?S,000;
owner, Mary Smith, 136 West 123d st: architects
and builders, Bartlett Smitb,   Plan 298.

29th st, Nos. 513 and 514 W., two five-atory
brick tenem'ts, 25x75, tin roof; cost, $15,000;
owner, G, M. Barretto, 438 West 57th st; archi¬
tect, F. Brinkerhoff; builders, John A. O'Connor
Se Co,   Flan 303.

40th st, n a, 325 w llthav, one three-storj brick
slaughter house, 74.6x88, gravel roof; cost,
$15,000; owner, Michael Scanlan, 133 WesbSJth
8t; arcbitect, M. L. Ungrich; builder, not se¬
lected.    Flan 332.

Sth av, n e cor 24th st, one five-story brick fiat,
3+.9x96, tin roof; cost, $30,000; owner, Thomas
Gibney, 9tb av, n a cor 24th at; architect, G, B,
Pelham.    Plan 333,

BKTWBBN    59th   AND   125TH   STREETS,   WEST   OF

8th avenue.

83d st, B 8, 175 e 9th av, two four-story brown
stone front dweU'ga, 35x60, extension.;, 10x1,5, tin
roofs; cosb, ;eacb, $25,000; owner and builder,
Kichard Deeves, 242 East 13bh sb; architecbs, D.
& J. Jardine.    Plan 312.

61at Et, s a, 200 e 9th av, one four-story brick
and sand stone tenem't, 50x97,8, tin roof; cost,
$,55,000; owner, Thomas L an non, 502 West 57th
sb; arcliitects, Schwarzmann Sc Buchman;
builders. List Sc Lennon.   Plan 329.

9bh av, No. 980, one fonr-story brick dweU'g, 26
x30, tin roof; Ci)3t, $30,000; owner, Mary De An-
gelia, 391 South 5bh av; arcbibeoCs, Bebbingen &
Lange; bnilder, not selected.   Plan 328.

Ylst at, n s, 337.9 w Boulevard and 10th av, six
t'oree story and basement brown stone dwell'gs,
total, 100x53, tin roof; cost, each, $1.5,000; own¬
er, Elizabebh Sbeinmecz, 133th sb, near Alexander
av; architeot, J. H. Steinmetz.   Plan 333,

BETWEEN   59th    AND    125TH    8TBEETS,   BAST   OF

J                5th avenok,

Madison av, n e cor 65th st, seven fonr-story
and basement brown stone dweU'gs, all tin roofs,
(our on *v, the comer, 27x50, cost $36,000; next
north, 23x aht 50, ■ cost, $19,000; next uorth, 32x
.50, cost, $35,000, and next north, 18x abt 94, cost,
$31,0i)0; three on st as follows, nest east (rom
corner, abt 24x54. cost, $3C,000; next east, abi 21
X.54, cost, $18,000, and next east. 17x65, cost,
$18,009; owner, architect and builder, Charles
B-.iek, 500 Madison av.    Plan 334.

Lexington av, s e cor 40th st, one one-story bi'ick
workshop, 33xll!,6, tin roof; cost, $1,000; lessee,
John H, Schlobohm, 353 Lexington av; archi¬
tects, Berger & Baylies,   Plan 303,

68th st, s s. 348 e Av A. one one-story'brick
dwell'g, 20x35, gravel roof; cost, $8(10; owner,
James H, Jones, Westchester Co.; architect,
John G. McGrath; buUder, John McManus. Plan

68t.h st, s 3, 373 e Av A, one one-atory brick
dwell'g. 15x30; grave! roof; cost, $30ll; owner,
James H. Jones; bnilder, Chas. Giockrien. Plan

74th st, s s, 85 w 3d av, one two-story brick
dwell'g and store, 25x50, tin rocf; cosb, $3,500;
owner. Ralph Irvin, 1274 Sdav; architect, John
Brandt. Plan 316,

7ythst, No. 53 E,, one four-story brown stone
(ront dwell'g, 35x84, tin roof; cost. $33,.5U0; own¬
ers, Jacob and Samuel Cohen, 300 East 50bh st;
architects, Thayer & Robinson; builders. List &
Lennon and Jas, J, Garland.    Plan 311.

|05th st, n s, 400 e Isb av.   one two-story brick

stable, 53x33,  gravel   roof; cost,   $------; lessees.

Wm, HaU's Sons, 532 East 20th st; architect.
Barb. Walther.   Plan 399,

I05bh st, n s, 400 e 1st av, rear, oue one-story
brick boiler room, 34x48, gravel roof; cost, $——;
lessees and architect, same as last.    Plan 300,

107th St. ss, 100 6 1st av, two sbone cutbers'
sheds, 100x13 and 200x13, gravel roofs; cost, total,
$450; lessees. Light Se Louther, 117th st and Har¬
lom River,    Plan 317.

lllth st, Nos. 169 to 173 E,, five fourstory
brickflats, 30x65, tin roofs; cost, total, i;80,000;
owner, Joaeph R. Beams, 353 Washington st;
architect, Julius Knstner.    Plan 310.

123d st, No. 2i'6 E,, one tbree-sfcorv brickstable,
25x44.6, tin roof: cost, $5,000; owner, Chas,
Merisch, S264 3d av; architect and builder, Bart.
Walther.    Flan 301.

1st av, nw cor 103dst, four fivestory brick
tenements and stores, 25x6i> and 75, tin roofs;
cost, each, $12,000; owuer, Johu Simon, 136
Chrystie st; architect, Julius Boekeli.    Plan 318,

1st av, e s. 25 n lllth st, one twostory brick
gas purifier, 130x61. slate roof; cost, $18,000;
owner, Harlem Gas Light Co,, 110th sb and 1st
av; architect aud contractor, T. P. Rowland;
builder, Bichard Deeves.    Pian 294.

llSth st, s s, 95 e 1st av, one ono story brick
building, 35x.50. slate root; cost, $2,000; ownar,
architecb. Sec, same as lasb.    Flan'.i95.

lllbh Ht, n s, 83 e 1st av, one one-story brick
engme house, 64s7B, slate roof; cost, $20,000;
owner, architect. Set:, same aa last.    Plan 296.

1st av, s w cor UOth st, hrick enclosure for gas
tank, lOOxlrill; cost. $30,000; owner, architecb,
&c,. aame as last.    Plan 297,

106bh st, n s, 58 w Lexington av, one one-story
and basement ofBca and store, 18x17,7, tin roof;
co,st, abonb $1,500; owner, James (il'Counell,
105bh sb near 2d av; architect, A, Spence, Plan

3d av. No, 2156, one fivestory brick store aud
tenem't. 85x73, bin roof; co.:t, 116,000; owner,
Benjamin Wilson. 1468 Park av; architect, H. S.
Baker; builder, notselected.    Plan 334,

2d av, w s, 50 n 110th st, one five story brick
store and tenem't, 35x85, tin roif: cost, $18,000;
owner. Marie O'Hare, 219 East 7Sth st: architect,
J, H, Valenfcine: builder. J. O'Hare.   Plan 343.

Isb av, n w cor 65th st, four flve-storey
tenem'ts, corner 25,5x83.6, others 2-5x75, tin
roofs; total cost, $70,000; owner and carpenter,
Samuel Smybb, 173 West Sdst; architect, A. B.
Op-den; masons, Dawson Sc Archer.   Plan 348.

1st av, n e cor 74th st, five five-story brick
tenem'ts, 35x83, tin roofs; total cost, $75,000;
owners, Higgins Sc Keatin^ll33 2d av; archi¬
tecb, A. B. Ogden; mason, J. Keabing; carpenter,
not selected.   Plan 346.

74th st, n a, 100 a 1st av, four five-story brick
tonem'te, 28x65, tin roofs; total cost, $60,000;
owners, architect and builder, same aa last.
Flan 347.

106th st, n s, 350 w 8d av, two five-story brick
storesandtenem'ls, 25x83, tin roof; cosb, each,
$15,000; owuer, John McCormick, 343 East l]3bh
st; architect. J, H. Valentine; builder, Peter Mc¬
Cormick.   Plan 343,


164bh sb, n a, 300 e 10th av. one two-atory frame
dweU'g, 35x38, tin roof; cosb, $3,500; owner,
Christian Uebelacker, J65th st, 300 e 10th av.
Plan 32G.

33d and 24th ward 3,

138bh St. 3 s, 75 e aoubhern Boulevard, one two¬
story brick dweU'g, 25xfi0, gravel roof; cost,
$5,000; owner, Mary Whelan, 138rh stand South¬
ern Boulevard: arcnibect, Chas. Baxter; builder,
P, Wheelan,    Flan 305,

Boston av, s w cor Spring pl, one four-story
frame dweU'g, 23x43, extension 13.6x36,8, slate
and tin roofs; coat, $10,000; owner, Ernest HaU,
on premises: architect, Theo. E, Thomson. Plan

Courtland av, w s. opposite 163d st. one one¬
story frama saloon, 2.7x75, tin roof: cost, $1,000;
owner, Martin Phelan, oa premiaes; builder,
Louis Folk.   Plan 304,

138th st, n B, 250 e Wiilis av, one three-story
brick dweU'g, 92x51. tin roof; cost, $12,000;
owner. Anna M. Bradley, 138th st; architect,
John Rogers; builders. Smith Bro, and E. Ous-
taveson.    Flan 306,

151st st, n B, 80w Mottav; one one-story frame
stable aud carriage house, 15x30, gravel roof;
cost, $100; owner, Andrew Patterson, on prem¬
ises.    Flan 307,

I54th st, u s, 80 ft from 3d av, one-story frame
workshop, 9x13; cost, $50; owner, Joseph Kubin,
3d av. bet ISIsb aod 153d sts.    Plan 313.

176th st, southerly cor Weeks st, Mt. Hope,
one two-story frame dwell'g, 30xii6, tin roof; cost,
$3,.5fi0: owner, Mrs, Mary A, Lodge, Me. Hope,
N. Y.; architect, J. C, Kerbv,    Plan 315.

CJoncord av, e s, 100 n Cliff st. one one-and a^
half story frame woodhouse, &c,, 30x13, gravel
roof ;cost,$300;owner, architect aod builder, Her
mann Strese.    Plan 335.

North 3i av. No. 1073,   one  one-story framo

shop, 24 and 21x40, tin roof; cost, $------; owner,

Charles B. Simpson, 324 2d av; architect. W. W.
(jardiner; builder, H, A, Sherwood.    Flan 331.

Riverdale av, s w cor Kingsbridge road, one
two-sbory frame store  and dweU'g,   39x41,   tin

roof; cost, $------; owners. T. Sc W". Thorn Sc Co,,

Riverdale, N, Y.; architecb and builder, S.  L,
Berrian.    Flan 333,

Worth av. 125 n Spring st, 34th Ward, one
one-story frame dwell'g. 25x15, shingle roof;
est, ?400; owner and builder, Patrick Foy, 404
East 133d St.   Plan 337.

Potter pl, n s, about 3^5 w WilliamsbriJgu
road, one two-story frame dwell'g, 20x30, shingle
roof; cost, $3,000; owner, John J. Bannan. 305
West 36th fit; architect, E. Von Lindemao.
Plan 340.

Potter pl. n s, abb 300 w Williamsbridge road,
onetwo-story frame dwell'g, 20x30, shineleToof;
cost, $2,000; owner, Ernst and Louisa Von Lin-
deman; architect, E, Von Lindeman.    Plan :S4!,

Catharine st, w- s, aht 500 n Locust or Tremont
av, one one-story (rame dwell'g, 33x13, tin roof;
cost, $100; owner, James Brogan, Springhurst;
buiMer, Ch. Liebetrau.    Plan 344,

149th st, n R, 100 e St. Anns av, one oue-story
frame dweU'g, 20 and 21.6x25 and 19. ti" roof;
cost, $800; owner, George Buhier. 976 151st st;
architect, A. Arctander.   Flan 315.


Plan 316—Stockton st, n s, 60 e Sumner av, one
one-story frame stable, lCil3, tiuroof; coot, $70;
owner, M. Schmidt; builder, Geo. Ross.

317~Fark av, s s. 75 w Sumner av, one one¬
story frame store and dweli'g, 20x45, tin roof;
ooat, $400; owner, Michael Jacobs. Park and
Sumner avs; architect, George R. Dietrick;
builder, C. Dietrick,

318—Clay sb, No. 97, n s, 250 w Oakland st, one
three-story fiame tenem't, gravel roof; cost,
$3,300; owner, Patrick Murtha. 97 Clay st;
architect, Julius L Smith; builder Patrick

319—Bushwick av, n w cor Greene av, three
two-and-a balf-Bory and basement, 16.8x40, tin
roof; cost, $3,500; owner and builder, Jacob
Murr. 477 Bedford av; architect, Wm, H,

330—Woodbine st, n s, 80 w Central av, one
two-story frame dwell'g, 80.3x23, liu roof; cost,
$1,I(K); owner, M, Hevy. Central av; architect,
F, Marryatt; builders, E, Loercb and F, Mar¬

321—Central av, No. 317, e s, 35 n Stanhope st,
one two-story frame stable, 19x15.6, tiu ronf;
cost, $150; owner and carpenter. Louisa C
Oldenburg, 217 Central av; architect, T, Phillips,
mason, notselected.

323—Skillman av, No, 169, ns, 78 e Graham av,
one two-story and basement framedwell'g, 22x
40, tin roof; cost, $4,000; owner, Barbara Metz¬
ger, cor Graham and Skillmsji avs; architect,
Th, Engelhardt; builders, Geo. Doering and John

333—Freeman st. No. 147, one three-story frame
tenem't, 25x50, gravel roof; cost, $3,600; owner.
------Fuilerton, on premises; architects and car¬
penters, Randall Sc Miller; mason, Jobn Ha^ord.

334—Magnolia at, s e cor Central av, one three-
story frame store and tenera't, 25x50, tinroof;
cost, $5,300; owner, Henry Kopke, 124 Magnolia
st; mason, notselected; carpenter, F. Stemmler.

335—Grand st, ii s, bet River stand Easb River,
two one and two-story fram« ferry waiting
rooms and oflSce, 103x36x33x11"), gravel roofs;
c^st, $17,000; owner. Nassau Ferry Co., New
York; archibecb, William Ander.son.

S26---2d av, w b, 65 u 9th st, one three-story
frame wagon shed, 35 aod 50x40; felt and gravl
roof; cost, $600; owner, G, Bungarz, 129 9th sL;
architect, \. -V, B, Eu^h,

337—55th st, s s, 135 e lat av, two two-story
frame dwell'gs, 13x36, with one-story extension
12x13, shingle roof; co.'ib, each, $1,3(10; owner, W.
S. Matherson; buildera, M, Ryan and S. W.

328—York st, s w cor Charles st, one one-etory
brick kitchen, 20x15, tin roof; cost, $3i)0; owner,
Johu Wibter, on premises.

339—Phillips alley, e s, abt 7.^^ a Plymouth st,
one one-stor.v brick boiler hou>-e, 2i(x34, iron roof;
cost, $600; owners, Phillip SFurguson, 209 Water
st; builder, Jnmes Shannon.

3.50—6th st, n s, 297.10 w 6th av. six two-story
■nd basement brick dwell'gs 16.8x4(1, tin roof,
wooden coruice; cost, each, $3,0i)0; owner,
Thomas Butler, 457 6th av; builders, Geo, Bu¬
chanan and Thoa. Butler.

331—Bridge sb, w s, 50 n Nassau st, one one-
btory brick store, 15x12, gravel  roof, woodeu
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