Real estate record and builders' guide (v.46no.1164(July 5 1890)-no.1189(Dec. 27 1890))

(New York,  F. W. Dodge Corp.  )



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  v. 46, no. 1173: Page 313  

September 6, I8M1

Recbrd and Guide.





Stanhope st, s e s, 125 s w Everereen av, 25z
101.3x25x100.7. Carl Krickef to John W.
Sharon.                                                           4,200

State st, 8 8, 85.6 w Court st, 18.6x80. Mary E.
Pope widow to Margaret Tealdi.                  nom

St Johns pi 8 8,185.7 e 7th av, 21x100. Fred¬
erick J. Warburton to S. Virginia Warbur¬
ton wife of Frederick J.                                 nom

Union st, s s, 361.11 e 3d av, 50x136.7, New
Utrecht Gleorge S. Gtelston to Cbarles E.
Wallis.                                                               300

Union st, s s, 20 e Heniy st, 20x60, h & 1. Mich¬
ael Murphy devisee Bridget Murphy dec'd to
Sina P. H. Joseph.                                         6.500

Van Buren st, s s, 118.2 w Lewis av, 18.2x100.
David S. Beasley to Elbert S. Willets. Mt.
$4,000.                                                              7,000

Van Voorhis st, n w s, 100 s w Bushwick av. as
widened, mns northwest 17.6 x northeast 25
X southeast 18.8 to Van Voorhis st, x 25 to be¬
ginning. PhUip Steingotter to George
Schwarz.                                                         1,000

Vanderveer st, s s, SO w Bushwick av, 16,10x
100. Joseph Hopkins, Jr., to Samuel Cun¬
ningham.   Mt. $1,900.                                   nom

Varet st, s s, abt 225 w White st, 25x100.
Fredericka Kuhns and James her husband to
Martin Claus.   Mt. $3,500.                            nom

Same property. Martin Claus to James and
Fredericka Kuhns, joint tenante.   Mt. $3,500.


WaUabout late River st, s s, 150 e Harrison av,
25x100.   John Pfenfer to Henry Roth.        5,500

WaUabout st, late River st, s s, 150 e Harrison
av, 25x100.   Henry  Roth to Marx  Ruben.

OMt. $3,500.                                                      6,500

Weirfield st, s e s, 35 s w Evergreen av, 20x100.
Rebecca Greb and 31eorge A. Craig. Sub. to
liens.                                                                ezch

Warwick st, e s, 225 n Eastem Parkway, 25z
90.    David Hopkins to Margaret Doherty. 2,700

Warwick st, e s, 105.7 s Pulton st, 25x95.   Ed¬
ward F.  Linton to George G. Brown.

Warwick st, w s, 193.3 s Fulton st, 25x95,
cob Whiteburst to John F. R. Meams.

Windsor pl, n s, 231.3 w Sth av, 16.8x100. WUl¬
iam Hawkins to John M. Heidelberger, of
New York City.   Sub. to mort.                   4,000

Woodbine st, s e s, 225 s w Central av, 25x100.
George A. Lowe to Charlotte E. Lowe. Mt.
$1,800.                                                                 850

Warren st, s w s, 175 s e Hoyt st, 25x100.
Eliza Garrigan to James R. Grigg.             4,000

1st st, s w 8, 271.9 s e 5th av, 18x100. James T.
M. Leonard to Betsey Kate, New York. Mt.
$3,500.                                                              7,200

1st st, n s, 142.3 e Oth av, 36x100.

5th st, n w cor 7th av, 24x100.

llth st, s s, 97.10 w .5th av, 16.8x100.

llth st, s s, 131.2 w 5th av, 16.8x100.

13th st, 8 8, 114.6 e 7th av, 16.8x100.                   )

7tfa st, s s, 298.4 w Stfa av, 41.6x100.                  J

Foreclos.     Clark D.  Rhinehart to Asa W.
Parker.   Mt. $51,.500.                                   11,950

1st pl, 8 s, 225 e Court st, 25x133.5. Herman
Wronkow to James Finlay, of Bayonne, N.
J.                                                                      5,000

North 2d st, 8 s, 75.5 e RoebUng st. 119.9x90x
120.4x86, hs Sc Is. Margaret J. Maurice,
Maspetb, L. I., to James Cavanagh. Any
assessm't.                                                       15 000

3d st, n e s, 137.10 s e 7th av, 20x95. Edward
H. Moubray to Hermann Meyer.   Mt. $8,500.


South .3d st, s w s, 100 n w Hooper st, 50x95.
James W. and Albert J. Lamb their wives
to Charles Ressler and August Todebuscb.
Mt. $3,000.                                                       5,800

South 4th st, n e 8,125 e Oth st, 25x95. Jacob
Hoffmann to Karl Debus.   Ml. $5,500.   14,000

West 4th st, w s, 150 8 Av S, .50x100, Gravesend.
Ellen Gough to James Gougfa.                        250

Sth st, 8 w 8,19.5.1 n w Oth av, 16.8x95. WUl¬
iam H. Whitney to Kate Cohen.   Mt. $2,000.

3 900

North Sth 8t, north cor Roebling st, 25x100, b
& 1. August W. Muller to Daniel Murphy.
Mt. $6,500.                                                      7,500

Oth st, 8 8,125 e 2d av, 17.2x71. OUve L. Cald¬
well individ. and as extex. of Robert Cald¬
weU to Edward McGuire.                             1,900

10th st, n e 8, 60 s e 4th av, 20x80.                      I

4tb av, w 8, 52 n 13tb st, 48z80.                          |

Poline Byk and MaryE. McEachen to James
E. McEachen.   Mt. $17,000.                          nom

N<M-th 10th st, 8 w 8,100 n w Driggs st, 2.5x100, h
& L Catharine A. E. wife ^ Nicholas J.
Clabby to Patrick Maguire and Ann bis wife.
ML $600.                                                         a,325

llth st, n 8, 93.4 w Otb av, rans west 240 z nortb
51.2 z anun north 48.10 z east — x south 100.
Erwin GoUner to Charles G. Peterson.     21,000

Same property. Release mort Kate C. Hen¬
derson et aL extrxs. and trustees Isaac Hen¬
derson to Erwin G. GoUner.                       15,600

Sameproperty. Agreement as to covenants.
Erwin G. GoUner witb Cbarles G. Peterson.

15th st, n e s, 197.10 n w Oth av, 25x62.10x25z
62.3.   Jobn L. NelUs to Mary E. A. Rawle.

1 300

20th st, n s, 150 e 3d av, 125zl00.                       \

7th av, 8 w cor 20th st, 50z80.                            t

Jeremiah O. Mahoney to John Andrews, Jr,


Same property. Agreement to correct Jere¬
miah O. Mahoney with John Andrews and
John, Jr.

21st st. No. 2ri'9, Contract. Conrad Rinisland
to Jaoob Olsen.                                               1 200

21st st, n 8, 421.5 e Stb av, 17.10zl00. Coarad
Rininsland to Jaoob Olsmi.   Mt. $670.       1,200

45tbst,ne8,3008a3dav,380x100.2. Tertollus
G. Mathews to Stewart McDoogall.             nom

Same property. Stewart McDougaU to Jamei^
P. O'Rourke.                                                19,000

52d st, n s, 220 w Sth av, 100x100.2.                    )

52d St. n 8, 200 e 4tb av, 100x100.2.                    |

Louis J. Jurgens to Stephen Martin. Mt. $2,-
415.                                                                  4,600

.53d st, n s, 253.3 e 3d av, 18x100.2. A.nna £.
Bigelow to Francis Barden and Maria his
wife.   ML $2,000.                                           4,200

63d st, n 8, 460 w 14th av, 60x100, New Utrecht
Josiah Smith to Robert Smith.                     nom

Sameproperty. Robert Smith to Martha-
Smith.                                                              nom

64th st, s s, 220 w 13th av, 40x100, New Utrecht
James V. S. Woolley to Frederick Neilsen.


64th st, s s, 220 w 1.3th av, 20x100, New Utrecht
Frederick Neilsen to Dora Hansen.                225

74th st, n 8,150 w 1.5th av, 60x100, New Utret ht
James V. S. WooUey to Henry F. Aird, of
New York City.                                                480

Atlantic av, s w cor Atkins av, runs west 202.11
to Berriman st. x south 735.10 to Liberty av,
X east 200 to Atkins av, x north 770.4 to be¬
ginning. WiUis T. Wild to John R. Max¬
weU.   ML $21,700.                                        45,000

Atlantic av, s w s, 110 s e Jefferson st, 159.6x
200, New Utrecht. Louisa McCammon to
Michael O'DoneU and Michael Murphy.       150

Atlantic av, s s, 105.5 e Pennsylvania av, 40.1x
87.8x40x91. Frederick E. Pitkin, Nyack, N.
Y., to Wolcott H. Pitkin.   Correction deed.


ArUngton av. n s, 47.6 e Jerome st, 47.6x100.
John C. Schenck to James Jonas, of Jersey
City.                                                                1,700

Alabama av, e s, 25 n Bay av, 25x100. Charles
J. and Edwin J. Dowling heirs Joseph A.
Dowling to Maria J. Kelly.   B. & S.           nom

Atkins av, w s, 90 s Belmont av, 40x100. George
Lober to Frtiierick W. Heam, Jr.                 450

Bedford av, w s, 100.6 s Hancock st 39.6x100.
h&L Comelius Sullivan to Mary wife of
Dudley KeUy.                                                8,000

Bedford av, s w cor Bergen st, 50x100. Robert
W. Gleason to John H. Rowland.              11,000

Bedford av, e s, 20 s St. Marks av, runs east
51.5 X southeast 17.10 x west 53.2 x north 17.7
to beginning. WiUiam O. Thompson to John
Simmons, of New York City.   ML $4,500. 6,000

Belmont av, s s, 50 e Hinsdale st, 25xloO.
Herbert C. Smith to George Barrett             350

Blake av, n s, 22.9 e Elton st, runs east 22.9 x
north 73 x west 22.9 x south 70.6. John M.
Mayer to Robert C. BuUock.   ML $1,500. 2,300

Bushwick av, nes, 50 s e Grove st, 25x75.
Samuel M. Meeker to Charles Lindemann. 3,344

Bushwick av, w s, 50 s McKibbin st, 25x100.
Charles W. J. Stetener to Wilhelmine Stetz-
ner.   >^ part   Sub. te mort.                        nom

Bushwick av, s w s, 139.11 s e Greene av, 70.4x
157x70.5x155.2. August Trenkmann to Chris¬
tian Clauss.   ML $8,000.                              16,000

Christopher av, w s, 250 s Blake av, 50x100.
John C. Fieseler to E. Christian Komer and
Henry Schwabeland, joint tenante.             1,000

Carlton av, e s, 152.3 s Park av, 50x100, hs Sc
Is. Robert and Jesse Henderson to Louis P.
Peterson.    % part..                                         6,225

Sameproperty. Florence M. Henderson by
Laura Henderson guard, and Laura Hender¬
son widow.   Releasing dower to same.      2,075

Clason av, ws, 247.11s Myrtle av, runs west
100 X south 16 X east 45.10 x east 54.2 to av, x
north 15.7, h&L Foreclos. Charles W.
Ridgway to Catharine wife of James Flood.


Sameproperty. Catharine Flood to Christo¬
pher H. Pierce.                                              4,850

De Kalb av, n s, 384.6 e Eveivreen av, 17x84.2.
John W. ;3haron to Mary E. KeUy.            2,500

De Kalb av, n s, 44.1 w Clermont av, runs north
79.3 x west 14.1 z south 75.11 z east 19.7.
Thomas Burke to Samuel Longmalr. Mt.
$4,000.                                                              7,200

East New York av, n s, 320 e Albany av, 20z
100. David C. Reid to Harvey B. De Witt,
Rochester, N. Y.   Jff. $1,500.                      2,500

Flushing av, n s, 181.3 e Porter av, runs east 75
X norwwast to point north Thames st 226.7
from Porter av, thence along Thames st 51.7
to beginning. Muy Fredericks and John H.
to Sophia Kuchheimer.                                 2,500

Franklm av, w s, 332.9 n Myrtle av, 25x107.6.
Rudolph F. Hertwig to Alice wife of John F.
Burke.                                                             3,000

Franklin av, w s, 40.8 s De Kalb av, 19.7x76.10.
Sarah E. Horton wife of Isaac O. to William
R. Muse.                                                          5.350

Gates av, n s, 391 w Marcy av, 34x100.             |

lOtb av, 8 8,131 w Sherman st, rans west 116
z south to llth av, z east 116 z north to

Gates av, n s, 5246 e Nostrand av, 0.6x100.

Lexington av, n s, 325 e Nostrand av, 0.6x100
to Greene av.

Greene av, s s, 200 e Stuyvesant av, 0.6x100.

Greene av, s s, 300 e Stuyvesant av, 0.6x100. j
Hector Toulmin to Theodore I. W. ComwelL
Sub. to mort.                                                   nom

Gates av, n s, 200 w Lewis av, 25x100, h&L
John Graham to WiUiam Herod. ML $6,500.
See Jefferson av.                                           10,000

Glenmore av, n s, 100 e Thatfcnrd av, 25x100.
Andrew R. Culver to James Asher.              450

Greene av, s s, 91.8 w Broadway, 80x100. Louis
Bonert to Henry B. RusseU, of Jersey City,
N.J.   Iff. $24,000.                                      48,000

Grand av. w s^4.1 n Lafayette av, 16.2x100.
Sidney F. Walker to Harry A. C. HiiieB.
Jfe. $3,250.   See Hawthorne st                     exch

Hamburg av, n e s, 50 s e Troutman st, 25x78,
b & L Jobn Rueger to Fetor Kemer. Mt.
$2,80a                                                   .          6,800

Hamburg av, n e s, 75 s e Troutman st, 25x100,
h&L John Rueger to George Brust and
Barbara his wife.   1ft. $8,800.                     6,500

HamUton av, ses, 200 n e Atlantic av, lOOx
116.3, Fort Hamilton. Anna M. Driggs widow
et al. heirs of John F. Driggs to Samuel M.
Meeker and ano. exrs. of Edmond Driggs. nom

Howard av, intersecting patent line bet Brook¬
lyn and town of New Lote, at point ^95 e
from e s Howard av, rans north toss Butler
st, z east 20 x south to patent line, x south¬
west to beginning. Bemard J. Vath to George
L. W. Wenz.                                                     ::dO

Johnson av, s s, 39.6 e Bushwick av, 19.9x75.
Leopold Michel to Joseph Schmalbeiser. Mf.
$2,000.                                                             4,700

Johnson aV, s s, 150 e Lorimer st, 50x100. Jo¬
bannab Horowitz wife of Isaac and Isaac
Horowitz to Adolph Danzlger.   Mf.  $3,000.


Jefferson av, ses, 444 n e Broadway, 36x100.
Josephine wife of WiUiam Herod to Jobn
Graham.   M. $6,000.   See Gates av.        10,000

Jefferson av, s w cor Lewis av, runs west 525 x
south 74.9 X northeast 326 x south 58 x east
200 to w 8 Lewis av, x north 100. Albert Sib¬
ley to WiUiam Ziegler.   Sub. to all liens,   nom

Kingsland av, w s, 200 n Herbert st, 25x100.
Blanie Chenier to John Becker.   ML $1,500.


Kingsland av, w s, 100 n Herbert st, 25x100.
Thaddeus Curran to Joseph Pfeifer and Bar¬
bara his wife.                                                  1,950

Lafayette av, s s, 118.9 e Nostrandav, 18.9x100.
Wiliiam Hugbes referee to George Heiber¬
ger.                                                                  3,000

Lexington av. s s, 225 w Ralph av, 75x100.
Charles Ashburn to James A. Nelson. Mf.
$2,500.                                                              nom

Liberty av, n vv cor Vermont av, 125x100.
Conrad G. Doring to Gesine Klauenburch.


Livonia av, n e cor Osborn st, 150x100.            (

Newport av, n e cor Osbom st, 1.50xl(H).            \

Frank C. Lang trustee Jno.  G. W iiliamson
to WilUam Hutmann.                                     50

Same property. Phebe Williamson wife of
George R. to William Hartmann.   Q. C.   nom

Marcy av, w s, bet Walton and Wallabout sts,
being on assessm't map 19tb Ward lot 14
block 97. John C. McGuire registrar to Wal¬
ter Duggan.                                                           7

Myrtle av, s e cor Washington av, runs soutfa
67.3 X east 25.1 x north 27 x west 5.1 x nortfa
40.3 toss Myrtle av, x west 20 to beginning.
Mary Ann Corrigan to WiUiam J. Cregan.


Myrtle av, s s, 50 e Throop av, 2.5x100. Chris¬
tian Seng to Rosa Veit   ML $8,000.            nom

Same property. Rosa Veit to PhiUipine Seng.
ML $8,000.                                                       nom

New Jersey av, e s, 125 s Glenmore av, 25x100.
John Fischer to Jofan Ackenuaun. Mt.
$1,200.                                                              2,000

Norman av, s s, 50 w Diamond st, 25x9.5. Ber¬
nard Tiemey to Bridget O'ReiUy and Fran¬
cis her husband.                                             2,000

Prospect av, nws, 279.7 n e Sth av, 12.6x100.
Foreclos. Clark D. Rhinehart to Sophronia
M. Fickett   Mt. $1,400.                                   200

Putnam av, n w s, 140 n e Broadway, 20x100,
h&L Juan B. C. PhUlips to Clmton V. R.
Luddington.    Mt. $5,500.                              nom

Rogers av, Nos. 50 and 52, w s, 63.7 s St Marks
av, 36x59.5x—x.55.10, h&L WiUiam O.
Thompson to Ada A. wife of Herbert A.
Shipman.   ML $8,000.                                 11,000

Same property. Release mort. Olive C. Du¬
rant to WUliam O. Thompson.                      nom

Reid av, w s, 147 s Monroe st, 25x100, h&L
Henry F. MegiU to John J. CampbeU, of
Lawrence.                                                     16,000

Ralph av, w s, 98.7 n Atlantic av, 46x105. Er-
vm G. GoUner to Erastina Folger. Mt. $1,500.


Scbenck av, w s, 200 n Liberty av, 25x100.
Jobn Mohr to Rosina Huttenlocher.           2,500

Schenck av, e s. ItiS s Blake av, 25x100. Albert
H. W. Van Siclen to James Gallo, New York.


Schenck av, w s, 125 s Eastem Parkway, 2.5x
100. Henry W. Thiele to Mary wife of Con¬
rad Hinkler.   Sub. to mort                        6,000

Snediker av, w, s, 100 n Liberty av, 55x106.
Release mort. Abby E. Hall to Caroline O.
Sage trustee MUton HaU dec'd.                    nom

Snedutor av, w s, 130 n Liberty av, 20x100, h
& L Caroline O. Sage trustee MUton Hall
to WiUiam Baecker.                                      1,850

Snediker av, w s, 115 n Liberty av, 20x100, h &
L   Sametosame.                                          1,850

St. Marks av, n s, 183 w Albany av, 17x145.7.
GUbert Tompkins to William E. Cleary.
Ml. $6,500.                                                       nom

St Maris av, s s, 475 w Franklin av, runs south
257 to n 8 Prospect pl, z west 230 z north 131
z east 80 z north 126 to s s St. Marks av, z
east 150 to b^inning. Theodore I. W. Com¬
weU to John P. Cranford aud David H. Val¬
entine.                                                           16,600

Sutter late Union av, n w cor Schenck av, 50 ]
ZlOO.                                                                   '

Linwood late Monroe st, a s, 338.2 n George f
Cozines land, 50x94x50x—.                              J

Hugh McCabe and John McCabe to Pa rick
McCabe.   All title.                                         nom

Thatford av, e b, 100 s Belmont av, 25x100.
Louis Hom et aL to Ohef Scholom. Con¬
firmation deed.                                                 400

Sama property, Brooklyn City Lodge, No. 18,
Ancient Order of American Star to The
Trustees ot the Ccmgregation Ohef Scholom.

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