Real estate record and builders' guide (v.46no.1164(July 5 1890)-no.1189(Dec. 27 1890))

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Record and Guide.


4th st. No. 147 W., flve-story brk flat, 17x 83.2,
tin roof; cost, $13,000; ow'r, ar't and br, A.
Koscbel, 338 West 53d st.

8tb st. No. 125 W., flve-story brk and stone flat,
25x84.9, till roof; cost. $23,000; J. H. Parker,
1459 Lexington av; ar'te, Schneider & Herter.

12th st, n s, 189.6 e 6tb av, five-story brk flat,
50x90, tin roof; cost, $75 000; Wm. Broadbelt, 3
West llStb st; ar't J- C. Bume.

Mtb st, Nos. 13-16 E. | flve-story brk, stone and

IStbst,Nos.7and9E. ( terra cotta store, 75x, tin   roof;   cost,   $135,000;   Mary  S.  Van

Beuren, 21 West Htb st; ar'te, D'Oench & Simon;
m'ns, M. Eidlitz & Son; c'rs, Robinson & Mc¬

South Sth av. No. 57, flve-story and ceUar brk
factory and store, 25x94, tin roof; cost. $25,000;
Mrs. S. K. Pupin, 68 West 72d st; ar't, A. I. Fm-
kle; m'n. J. D. Karst, Jr.

South 5th av. No. 58, five-story brk store, 25 x
69, tin roof; cost, $17,000; James W. Pincbott 3
Gramercy Park; b'rs. Moran Sc Armstrong.

South Sth av. No. 65, six-story brk and stone
factory, 24x96 and 100, tm roof; cost, $15,000;
Cavinato Bros., 414 Brook av; ar't, A. Huttira.

Soutb .5th av, No. 185, three-story brk factory,
21.2x53 and 59, tin roof; cost, $10,000; A. E. Alex¬
ander, 237 Grand st; ar'te, BoekeU & Son.

Soutb .5tb av. No. 187, three-story brk factory,
21.4x76 and 81, tin roof; cost. $10,000; L. I.
Schwarz, on premises; ar'te, BoekeU & Son.

Soutb .5tb av, n w cor Bleecker st, six-story brk
and iron store building, 33.2x100, tin roof; cost,
$45,000: P. H. McManus, 324 West 115th st; arte,
Cleverdon & Putzel.

Soutb Sth av, s w cor Prince st, two-story brk
storage, 15x17, tin roof; cost, $600; lessee, J.
Rennan, 186 Prince st; b'rs, Randall & Fuller.

How Prices Have Advanced.


Some instances are here given wbicb sbow how pnces have steadily
advanced during tbe past ten years. Tbe records are given as tbey stand,
but the increases not infrequently are due to bogus tr.insfers to enhance

Bleecker st, Nos. 92-96         * begins Bleecker st, s w cor Mercer st, 73x

Mercer st, Nos. 199 and 301 f    139, four and flve-story  stores, sold on
Feb. 8,  1890,  for $140,000; was again transferred on April 4,18SH), to
Rachel wife of Theodor Cobnfeld (sub. to mort. $175,000) for        340,000
The two lots on the northwest comer of Bleecker and Greene streets
were sold in May, 1889, to Leo Schlesinger and Myer Foster for $1'H),000,
and a month later were resold to Jeremiah C. Lyons for $123,000.   Tbe
latter filed plans for an eight-story building to be erected on the site, to
cost $135,000;   and tbis, although only up to tbe fifth story, was a few
months ago sold to Marcus Kohner for $315,000.   Presuming that the
expense of the building will not exceed tbe estimates, the land and buUding
will have cost $358,000, and Mr. Lyons will have made a profit on tbe
venture of $57,000.

A half part of the northwest comer of Bleecker and Wooster streets,
43x74.10 in size, was transferred on April 20, 18Slt, to Howard ConkUng
for $19,000, whicb was equivalent to $o8,000 for tbe entire property. On
December 23d, six months later, it was sold to M. Newmann et al. for

Bleecker st, Nos. 107 and 109, 50x100, }i part, sold June 20, 1881, two,
tbree and four-story frame and brk stores, for $50,000; the whole on
June 29, 1881, for $123,000. This property was again sold after tbe
erection of an eight-storv store to Marcus Kohner, on May 33, 1890
(sub. to m"rt. sf $173,000), at a nominal consideration.
Bleecker st. No. Ul, 35x100, four-story brk store and tenem't, sold May

3, 1889, for $36,000, and on Dec. 31,1889 (sub. to mort $18,000), for 43,000
BleecRer st. No. 135, 35xl0it, four-story brk building, mort. $13,000, fold
April 1, 18S6, for $34,150; Mar. 15, 1890, at $40,000; June 30, 1890, at
$45,000; Sept. 17, 18W, to Jacob B. Albert, of West Brighton, S. I., for
$45,500, and the next day to Mitchell A. C. Levy at a nominal consid¬
Bleecker st. No. 126, 2.5x100, two-story brk store and dwell'g, sold on
Mav 31, 1889, for $35,300; June 10,1889, for $37,100. wbich again sold
with tbe six-story brk store, which was afterwards erected, to Henry
Corn (sub. to mort. $45.0fKi). on Jan. ll', 1890, for                               75,000

Bleecker st. No. VSO, two-story brK store and dwell'g, X part, sold on

April 10, 1876, for $8,000, and April 30,1890, for                                40,000

Bleecker st, ^o. 143, s w cor South Sth av, 33.3x100, three-story brk
mission, &(>., sold May 38, 1890, to Edward Hilson for $63,.50O, and
transferred same day to Patrick H. McManus, the builder (sub. to
morts. $40,000), at                                                                                   70,000

Bleecker st. No. 153, 35x135, three-story brk store and tenem't, sold May
27, 1883 (recorded in May, 1886), for $15,000, and on May 5, 1886, for

33 5(H)
Bleecker st. No. 183. 35.3x75, tbree-story brk dweU'g (mort. $7,500,) sold
Feb. 3, 1886, for $13,750, and Oct. 1, 1890, to Marcus aud Geo. S. Rosen
for                                                                                                            17,000

Broadway, Noi 565 and 567, s w cor Prince st, 51x100, two story brk
and stoue stores, sold to Simon L. Deutsch on Aug. 13, 1890, for |305,-
OTK), and on Oct. 1, 18W>, to Orlando B. Potter for                             310,.500


Broadway No. 495 ( 34.7x300, two and three-story brk store, sold on May
Mercer st. No 66   f    7, 1889, for $i:i0,000, and a half part on May 25,

1889 (sub. to mort. $100,000), at                                                             43.333

Broadway, Nos. ti'Jj and 695, five-story brk store ) 80.5x74, sold  May 9,
4tb st, Nos. 4 and 6 W., two two-story brk stores (    1889,   for   $650,000,

and on Nov. 18, 18H9,  to Pelham St. George Bissell (sub. to mort.

$415,000) for                                                                                          480,000


Greene st, Nos. 101-105, 75x100, two flve-story brk (iron front) stores,
sold on May 2, 1883, for $193,000, whUe No. 101, 37.6x100, sold Feb. 14,
m89, for $100,000, and Nos. lo3 and 105. 37.6x100, sold Mar 20, 18S9, at
$100,000, and the same property, Nos. 103 and 105, on Jan. 29,1890, for

Greene st. No. 141, 2.5x100, tbree-story brk factory, sold on Mar. 15, 1890,
to Sanders Gutman for $45,000, wbo sold out to I.eopold Weil on April
14,1890, at $49,000, wbo then on same day transferred the property to
Lewis A. Mitohell at $51,000, while he flnally conveyed the property
(sub. to mort. of $3S,0(X)) to Edmond C. Brown, of Brooklyn. June 20.
1890, for                                                                                                   .51.500

Greene st No 197, 26.10x104x56x100, two-story brk dwell'g vrith three-
story brk building on rear, sold on June 16, 1890, to Joseph Beran for
$57,000, who resold to Ferdinand H. Mela on June 16, 1890 (sub. to
morte. $40,000), for                                                                                 68,000

Tbe northeast corner of Greene street and Waverley place sold at auction
in 1883 and 1885 for $66,300.   It was resold recently for $150,000.   The
property is 57.6x132.11 in size, and was purchased from Lipman Toplitz and
Stewart Brown by Leo Schlesinger and Josepb Hecht.
Greene st, Nos. 20034,25x100, two-story brk dweU'g and one-story frame
stable on rear, sold on Mar. 6,1883, for $16,000; Aug. 2,1889, at $39,000;
Aug. 27,1889, at $31,000, and Nov 36,1889, for                                  34,250

Greene st, No. 202, 25x100, four-story brk factory building, sold on Jan.
30. 1883 (sub. to morts. $9,000), for $17,000; Aug. 23, 1889, at $31,000,
and on Nov. 27,1889, for                                                                        34^50

A gentleman well posted, said: "About a year or two ago lote on Greene
street, between Bleecker and West 3d streete, would have sold for $35,000.
Now they wUl seU for $45,000 to $50,000."

The northeast comer of East Washington place and Mercer street was
sold to L. & S. S«cbs, in May, 1889, for $90,000. It is reported that tbe
property bas since been resold for $136,000. It contains less tban two lote,
part of tbe New York hotel, and in size is 52x91.9x52x91.7. A large buUd¬
ing wUl, it is said, be erected on tbe site.


Waverley pl, Nos. 7 and 9, n e cor Mercer st, .50x108, two tbree-story brk
dwell'gs on Waverley pl, and No. 293 Mercer st, four-«tory building,
sold on March 22, 1880, for $42,000, and on April 16,1889 (sub. to
morte. $25,000), for $99,000; Dec. 2, 1889 (sub. to mort. $25,000), at
$115,000, and on April 3u, 1890 (sub. to mort $50,000), for               150,000

Waverley pl, No. 19, 28.3x132.11, three-stoiy brK dweU'g, sold on Dec. 7,
1886, for $27,700; Feb. 18, 1890, for $.53,000, and on April 28, 1890, at


Waverley pl. No. 28, 25.2x80.8, tbree-story brk dweU'g. sold on Dec. 20,

1889, for $36,000, wbile No. 30 Waverley pl, a simUar dwell'g, sold on
May 4, 1890, for $30,000, or together for $56,000. Botb of these prop¬
erties sold on July 26,1890, to Griffen Tompkins at $70,000, wbo again
turned tbein over to Herman Wronkow (sub. to mort. of $55,000) on
Aug. 3, 1890, at a nominal consideration.

Waverley pl. Ao.  106, tbree-story brk dweU'g, 22x97, sold on Feb. 26,

1890,  at $15,000, and April 15, 1890, for                                                23,000
Waverley pl. No. 108, 23.1x97, tbree-story brk dwell'g, sold under parti¬
tion (sub. to a mo t. of $5,000) on Jan. 3,1883, for $9,800; May 13,
1889, for $15,500, and on July 8, 1889 (sub. to mort. $9,000), for        17,500


Wooster st, Nos. 43 and 45, SOxlOO, two two-story brk dwell'gs with
stables on rear, sold on Oct 9, 1883, for $50,000; again sold on Nov. 27,
1883 (sub. to morte. of $25,000), for                                                         40,000

Wooster st, No"?. 64 and 66, 41.8x100, two and tbree-story brk stores, sold
to Ewald Fleitman, on July 30,1890. for $50,000. and again to Louis
F. Dommerich (sub. to mort $30,000) for                                              50,000

Wooster st, No. 68, 23.4x100, tbree one-story frame sbeds, sold May 28.
1889, for $16,500, and on July 17, 1889 (sub. to mort $14,000), for    20,000

Wooster st. No 74, 25x100, four and flve-story brk factory, sold (sub. to
mort. $7,000) on May 1, 1880, at $17,000; on Nov. 30, 1889 (sub. to
mort. $15,000), for $25,.50O; on Dec. 23, 1889, for $36,000, and again on
July 1, 1890, for                                                                                       29,.500

Wooster st, Nos 90 and 93, s e cor Spring st, 51x54, tbree two and three-
story brk buildings, sold on April 3, 1883, for $36,000, which was
again sold, on Sept. 19, 1889, to the Metropoliten Telegraph and Tele¬
phone Co. (sub. to mort. $20,000), for                                                   45,000

Wooster st. No. 104, 25x100, two-story frame (brk front) store, &c., with
five-story brk tenem't on rear, sold Jan. 10, 1883, for $16,000, and was
resold in Feb , 1890, to David L. Enstein for                                       23,000

Wooster st, Nos. 152-1.56, 75x100, one, two and tbree-story brk buildings,
sold on July 24, 1889, for $37,500; April 23,1890, at $44,000, and on July
30, 1890, to Patrick H. McManus for                                                     85,000

Wooster st. No. 156, 25x100. two-story frame and brk buildings, sbeds.
&c., was sold on Oct 5, 1889 (sub. to mort. of $13,000), for $19,000;
sold under foreclosure L»ec. 10, same year, for $33,000, and resold on
April 23, 1890 (sub. to morts. of $12,000), for                                        22,000

Wooster st, Nos. 167-173, 98x100, several three-story brk and frame
buildings, sold on Jan. 23, 189<J, to Michael A. C. Levy for $75,000, who
resjld to Scott <fc Bowne, on May 15th, for                                         100,000

Wooster st. No. 181, 24.3x99.8, tbree-story brk building, sold under par¬
tition Feb. 20, 1889, at $15,500, and resold Nov. 21, 1889 (sub. to mort.
$7,500), to Nicholas Espensheid for                                                        17 loO

Wooster st, Nos. 186 and 188, 51x100, two three and five-story brk build¬
ings, sold (sub. to morts. $19,000), on Mar. 11, 1890, for $48,000; was
resold Alarcb 29tb, for                                                                             54.000

Wooster st. No. 223-229 ( begins Wooster st, s w cor 3d st, 75x71.5, two

3d st. No. 48 W.              I    and  tbree-story brk  stores and tenements,

sold to Alois Guttwillig, (sub. to mort. $40,000), on Feb. 34,
18«0, for $76,000, who resold to Adolph S. Kalischer (sub. to morts.
$60,000) on Mar. 3, 1890, wbich be theu conveyed on Oct 4, 1890 (sub
to morte. $74,000), to Raphael Sturman for                                          90,000

3d st. No. 16 W., 20x75, tbree-story frame and brk store; ^ part of tbis
was sold for $5,000 on May 19, 1890, wbile tbe whole was transferred
on Sept. 8, 1890, to Louis Chardoti for                                                26 000

3d St. No. 19 W., 18.9x75, three-story brk store and dweU'g, sold under
foreclosure on April 5, 1880, for $9,100; resold Feb. 13, 1890, for
$19,000, and again on May 16,1890, to Abraham Marks for              22,.500

3d st. No. 20 W., 40x75, three-story brk buUding, sold on April 1, 1886
(sub. to mort. $11,500), at $29,000; again changed bands Mar. 19,1889
(sub. to mort. $6,000), for                                                                        40 000

3d st, No. 29. n e cor Greene st, 17.3x49.11, four-story brk building, sold
under partition April 22,1880, at $10,800, and again resold on Oct. 4,
1886, for                                                                                                   25 qoo

3d st, Nos. 43 and 45 W.          1 42x74.10, four two-story frame and brk

Wooster st, Nos. 235 and 237 j buildmgs; ^ part of this sold AprU 20,
1889, for $19,000, tbe whole on Dec. 23, 1889, at $50,000, and same
property (sub. to mort $32,500) on June 6,1890, for                           67,.500

3dst, No. 48 W., 18.2x75, two-story brk dweU'g, sold on Feb. 11, 1889,
at $8,500, and on Mar. 14 for $12,000, aud Dec. 23, samo year, for   12 750

3d st. No. 64, s w cor South Stb av, 25x100, two three-story brk stores
and tenem'te, sold under foreclosure May 31, 1883, at $25,550- was
resold to Geo, W. Tubbs, Dec. 23, 1889 (sub. to morte $32,500), at a
nominal consideration, and was again transferred on Dec 31,1869, to
Jefferson M. Levy for nominal consideration.

3d st. No. 89 W., 25x109, two-story brk store and tenem't. sold under
foreclosure June 30, 1886, at $10,400; again resold July 38. 1886
fO"-                                                                                                             12,500


No 1.58 South Sth avenue was sold on May 2,1889, by Frank A. Seitz to
Mayer Kabn at $33,750. Mr. Seite taking in trade a plot on West 3d
street On tha same day, May 2, Mr. Kahn resold tbe Soutb Sthavenue
factory for $29,500, or $4,250 less tban the figure at wbicb be acquired
it; wbile No. 145 Bleecker street, 28.8x100, tbree-story brick store and
tenement, sold March 29, 1886 (subject to mortgage of $17,000), for
$23,000; again changed bands on January 17, 1889, at $11,500.
^£2?^**' ^°^ 108-114. 100x100, vacant «>ld  on   Feb.   27, 1886. for

$96,000; was resoM April 12, 1889, at                                                 72,600

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